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Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate
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Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate

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    Summary “Margaret, you’re the older sister, you have give in the younger one.” Because she had been born a few snds before Elizabeth, those words clung like a curse Margaret for the first 18 years of her life. Whether it was her beloved teddy bear, pretty dresses, Halloween candies, or parental love, if Elizabeth asked, she had unditionally yield them all up her. Since young, Elizabeth had weighed down on Margaret like an enormous mountain and suffocated her. Fortunately she still had a boyfriend who had loved her for six years—Amster, the pack’s alpha. “You will be my wife and the future luna of the pack,” Amster promised.Six years ofmpanionship and Amster’s words had excited Margaret, who was turning 18 years old. She was going weme a whole new lifeday, but fate had played an enormous joke on her—Amster’s lover and fated mate turned out be her twin sister Elizabeth! Margaret watched as Amster, who had said he loved her a snd ago, exchanged a French kiss with Elizabeth in the next. Moreover, he also announced that Elizabeth as the luna. The only emotional sustenance Margaret possessed crumbled; once again what belonged her had been snatched away by Elizabeth. What made things worse was when Amster begged Margaret help Elizabeth entertain Wolf King Donald! All because Elizabeth knew nothing except how wheedle and dress herself up.Unable refuse the request of her former lover, Margaret agreed this. The gears of destiny began slowly turning at this moment. At the feast where Wolf King arrived, having worked hard without washing up for three days now, Margaret smelled an enticing scent. Betty, her wolf, was calling out happily for her mate. This was the smell of her mate! “My name is Donald, and I’m the king of werewolves!” Donald?! Wolf King! Margaret gaped. Her mate was actually the most powerful werewolf among them all! Margaret realized that her mate didn’t recall her s*xy and seductive younger sister. He only had eyes for her. She felt that sheuld believe in love again!You’re reading “Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate” on See all Hide