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An Empress's Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strong Comeback

An Empress's Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strong Comeback
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An Empress's Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strong Comeback

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    Summary Gu Xiang never thought she’d reincarnate in the present timeline after transmigrating the ancient past for twenty-four years! In her previous life, Gu Xiang grew up in theuntryside with parents who didn’t love her. When they heard that their neighbor’s daughter was working outside and making money, they forced her quit school and participate in a reality show in exchange for seven hundred dollars.Gu Xiang’s life changed because of this show. The participants of the show were all ordinary folks. Thentent of the livestreams was show the difference between girls who grew up in theuntryside and girls who grew up in the city. The program team edited the show with ill intentions so Gu Xiang would be labeled as the ‘uncultured hillbilly’. She would then bme the victim of cyberbullying.Three years later, Gu Xiang’s biological parents found her. Only then did she realize that her original parents were human traffickers. They swapped Gu Xiang with their own daughter so that the latteruld have a good life. Meanwhile, the girl from the city, Gu Xiang’s polar opposite on the show, was actually the human trafficker’s biological daughter. The masterminds who caused her bme the victim of cyberbullying turned out be her birth parents! However, they didn’t feel guilty at all. They still sided with the fake young lady they raised. They believed the fake young lady was innocent, and theynstantly picked on Gu Xiang for going against the fake young lady.Gu Xiang finally broke down from therture day after day, and she ended her life by jumping off the bany. her surprise, she transmigrated the ancient past. She relied on her own capabilities transform from an ordinary citizen an empress. That place was like home her.However, her surprise, she reincarnated in her original world one day. Gu Xiang decided turn the tables by sending her adoptive parents prison. She wanted amplish all her previous goals and make her biological parents regret their decision! You’re reading “An Empress's Return the Present: The Real Young Lady's Strongmeback” on See all Hide