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Second Chance At Love by Iris Mignon

Chapter 341
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Chapter 341 With that. Lows's gaze moved down again to Lana's bloodstained nightdress.

The blood but his eyes.

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Although he had long known that she had been tainted by another man and was no longer pure, was still difficult to accept seeing it it with his own The humiliation and jealousy that he had deliberately suppressed surged over like a broken dam, almost crushing his will.

He just stood there in a daze, looking like he had suffered a huge blow He thought. How can she be like this? Not only has she slept with another man, but she is also pregnant with that person's child. If word got out, her reputation would be ruined: Luna had already endured the first wave of pain. When she looked up, she met his boyfriend's furious eyes This gaze made her feel extremely unfamiliar.

Especially that flash of disgust, it was like a sharp blade stabbing into Luma's heart.

She had always thought that he would understand her challenges.

It was only at this moment that she realized how naive her thoughts were.

She thought. That makes sense. I have been violated and my body is no longer clean. Why would he still treatlike a treasure! She said. "Yes, it's just as you guessed. I'm secretly pregnant with a bastard that can't see the light of day. How shameless" Louis pursed her lips. After suppressing the anger in her heart, she suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. That beast forced you, right! I know you value ethics the most. You will never step on the bottom line of morality" With that, he reached into the back of her neck half lifted her off her feet, and continued. “Let's get rid of all the traces that that man left on you and start over, okay?" Luna leaned in his arms, his lips curled into a mocking and self-deprecating smile.

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She thought, Perhaps I have misjudged him from the beginning. This man is not that open-minded. On the contrary, he is narrow-minded and always remembers that I have lost my virginity to someone else. Moreover, because of this, his attitude towardshas changed greatly Fortunately, we have broken up cleanly from the beginning. I have never thought of continuing our relationship' There was already a thorn between them. If they continued to pester each other, they would only grow tired of each other. In the end, they would even squander away what little affection they had left She said, "No, Louis, you're wrong. I aborted this child not because I wanted to start over with you, but because it shouldn't exist. It's already over between us. I don't want to continate our relationship. Leave before he comes looking for you" Louis suddenly reached out and grabbed her shoulder. He glared at her with bloodshot eyes. "Are you still going to send yourself to his door to be violated? Luna, when we are in love, you are always wary of sex and refuse to give yourself tobefore we get married. I dote on you and pity you. sol respect your wishes. But can you stop being cheap? Do you needto remind you of his relationship with you? Now that you've escaped his control, you should think of a way to escape"

Luna automatically ignored the first half of the hurtful words, and focused I words and her attention on the latter part of the sentence. "How did you know that I Louis's eyes flickered. He opened her mouth but hesitated

Luna's heart sank. She suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist. ΟΠΙ She shouted, "If you want to save O your life, hurry up and say it. You might have Fallen into someone else's trap" He was not the only one. She had also fallen into a trap She fought, "No wonder my abdomen suddenly hurt so much. It turns out that someone is plotting againstShe was in so much pin past now that she couldn't spare are the energy to think carefully

Now them alor had calined down and thought about it, she felt that a hugehad been cast above her head, enveloping your waiting for? Hurry iquand say it? g her and Lous "What