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Shadows of Destiny

Shadows of Destiny
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Shadows of Destiny

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    Leonardo Albert, the Alpha of the Mountains, and I, Tamia Albert, Luna of the pack, have been happily married for five years. Despite the envious glares and whispers of the other women, who resent that Leo's heart belongs solely to me, our bond has been unshakeable. They say I am not the prettiest, not even close, but Leo's love for me has never wavered. Everything changed on that fateful night at the grand party. Amidst the glitz and glamour, Leonardo’s eyes fell upon Casper. Her beauty was beyond compare, and in that instant, Leo trembled, recognizing her as his true, destined mate. The realization shattered our world. My heart broke as I watched the love of my life be drawn to another, and in tears, I left the party, leaving behind the life we had built together. This is a story of love, destiny, and heartbreak—a journey through the dark side of fate that tests the limits of our bonds and the strength of the human spirit.