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Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!
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Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!

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    Summary Tang Hao was an honest man making an honest living, but despite all his honesty and kindness, life often looked the other way. Even when he od up for a man in the streets, he ended up being beaten a pulp and the man he od up for? He disappeared. That left Tang Hao with nothing prove and a hefty medical bill blowing through his savings. However, while he lay unscious in the hospital, heuld feel a warmthming from the jade pendent he wore as it began feed him with a trove of priceless information. Now discharged, and still armed with the same naivety and honesty, what will our village peasant do with this newfound power? Will he go onnquer the hearts of a hundred women? Will he defeat the mightiest crime lords? Only time will tell, but for now, fate has many whimsical plans for Tang Hao. You’re reading “Sir President, Your Stamina is Amazing!” on See all Hide

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