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I could just step back. I could say one word. No. I could turn and walk back into the bar. He wouldn’t stop me. Not this time. I knew that.

All of these options presented themselves to me in a single flash, but I took the only option I could. The only one there was.

I kissed him back.

Chapter 7

THE INSTANT I SOFTENED against him, everything changed. His lips went from soft and tender to hard and demanding. From gentle and seeking to needy and desperate.

And I was right there with him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood up on my tiptoes, plastering myself against his chest. I felt a growl rumble up from his chest. He dipped for a second, wrapping his arms around me and lifting me up off my feet.

I gasped and he took advantage. His tongue swept inside my mouth, tasting me everywhere, stroking my tongue, tracing over my teeth. With every lick of his tongue he pushed me closer to the edge.

My world jarred with motion and I knew he was walking me somewhere, carrying me like I weighed nothing at all. I didn’t look up. I didn’t care. I buried my hands in his hair and devoured his mouth, his lips, his tongue. I broke away and nibbled down his throat. I caught his earlobe between my teeth and his gasping hiss was my reward.

He staggered and bumped a vehicle. The sudden peal of a car alarm had us jumping apart. I slid down his hard length, releasing a shaky laugh. I ran a trembling hand down my face, my fingers lingering on my lips.

His hand joined mine on my face, his eyes glittering at me in the dark. His chest lifted with heavy breaths. He was just as affected as I was and this made me melt even hotter inside.

What was happening to me? I’d kissed my fair share of boys but I’d never felt anything like this before.

His husky voice fanned my lips. “I love the sound of your laugh.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “You should do it more.” He took my hand and pulled me after him.

I followed in silence, my feet moving quickly. This time I didn’t protest as he escorted me to the passenger side. I had a few moments alone inside his truck as he circled around to the driver’s side. I shook my hands wildly in the air in front of me, hoping to release some pent-up energy and calm my racing heart. It didn’t work.

He opened his door and I tucked my hands under my thighs, trying to appear calm. In the driver’s seat, he gripped the steering wheel and looked over at me. It was all it took. All semblance of calm was lost.

His hand closed around the back of my neck and hauled me across the seat to him. Our mouths collided. My fingers curled into his shirt, fisting the thermal cotton fabric. His chest felt hard and solid against my fingers. Even that turned me on. Not that his scorching lips didn’t already.

He kept one hand at the back of my neck, tugging me closer as his other hand dipped to my ass, guiding me on top of him. I obliged, straddling him, hungry to get closer, gasping at the hard ridge of his erection rubbing directly between my thighs.

Voices and laughter penetrated dimly, but I didn’t care. We were in our cozy little world inside his truck, lips locked, bodies melded. Nothing else mattered. I jumped slightly as a fist bumped our window. “Get a room!” A group hooted with laughter as they walked past, presumably on their way to their car.

I pulled back with a sharp breath and stared down at him. Everything about him left me feeling dazed and stunned. His eyes gleamed up at me in the darkened cab. His hand slid from my neck, fingers threading through my hair, holding the strands back from my face.

He was mind-numbingly hot, but it was more than that. It was in his eyes, the intense way that he looked at me. Nothing about this was familiar. Nothing about the way we were with each other was like anything I had experienced. I was not in control. Of him. Or me.

“This is crazy,” I whispered.

He stared at me for a long moment, still holding the hair back from my face. The pulse of his palm beat against my cheek, in rhythm with my own racing heart, and it was as if I felt his life entwined with mine. Fanciful, crazy thought, but there it was.

His hand on my backside tightened and he dragged me closer until I felt the hard bulge of him directly between my legs. It made me gasp, but I didn’t pull back. In fact, I closed my eyes and arched my throat, letting myself sink against that delicious hardness.

“Where do you live?” His voice sounded hoarse and I recognized the feral sound for what it was. Need. For me. I guess I wasn’t so resistible after all. This sent deep female satisfaction pumping through me.

I gave him the address and crawled off his lap. He started the engine and turned on the wipers, clearing the thin sheet of snow. The side windows were fogged and I knew we were responsible for that. I hadn’t even noticed how cold it was while I was in his arms.

We slid each other long glances as he followed my directions and drove to my building. It was a shorter drive than last time, but still long enough for me to think. For my breathing to calm. For his hot glances to make me even more nervous. When he was kissing me it was impossible to think. Impossible to feel nervous. But now I could.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I fished it out.

Pepper: U ok?

Me: Yes. Headed home

Pepper: Ok. Have fun

Me: Thx

Have fun? Did she think I was having wild monkey sex with Shaw? He was Reece’s friend. She was probably matchmaking in her head, plotting a slew of double dates.

By the time we reached campus, I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to say good-bye and make a break for it. Before this got any crazier and out of control.

“You can just drop me off right there.” I motioned to the front of my building. If that wasn’t clue enough that I was calling it a night, then I didn’t know what was.

“I’ll take you to your door,” he replied, his voice even and calm. Without argument.

“Really? You don’t need to do that.” I blinked as he pulled into a parking space.

He put the truck into park and killed the engine. He turned to face me, one arm sliding along the back of the seat, his fingertips lightly brushing my shoulder. “Five minutes ago we were all over each other. You couldn’t get enough of me. Now it’s like you can’t get away fast enough.”

I swallowed, unaccustomed to a guy calling me out so directly. “Don’t take it personally. That’s just what I do.”

He angled his head to study me and the motion reminded me of a predator evaluating its prey right before he devoured it. “What? Show a little interest and then bail? That’s what you do? There’s a word for that, you know.”