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A Sweet Night The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

Chapter 560 The Appraisal Results Have Come Out
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After playing the recording on the phone, Audrey said with a smile, "The voice recording on my phone can be used

to make the correct sound comparison. To make it convenient, I copied the voice recording on my phone and

placed it on this USB!"

Audrey handed over a USB.

Because it was a live broadcast, all the TV audiences in the city or the live broadcast room heard the recording.

The screen was full of negative news about the Fida Trading Company.

The assistant told Howard about the negative news about Fida Trading Company. Howard's expression became

even more sullen.

Howard glanced at Gilbert. At this time, Gilbert wanted to refute something. But the evidence was cogent. Even if

Gilbert wanted to defend himself, there was no way to argue for the time being.

On the other hand, the judge ordered the staff to take the USB to make a sound comparison.

A short while later, the appraisal staff had a result.

The appraiser said through the microphone, "Your Honor, the results have come out. The sound in the recording is

exactly the same as Mr. Dawson's. It can be ninety-nine percent certain that this recording is Mr. Dawson's."

Once the result was out, the people present were in an uproar again.

Nothing was more believable than the truth.

That was to say, Howard had hired someone to kill a person and set fire.

Audrey nodded in satisfaction. "Your Honor, the results of the appraisal have shown that the defendant indeed has

the motive to illegally invade the land of the Angel Orphanage. In addition, I have a witness who can prove that Mr.

Dawson is the main suspect."

"Who's the witness?"

"She is ... the arson suspect, Ms. Emiliano!"

The judge proclaimed, "Summon Ms. Emiliano!"

Emiliano was brought by the police and placed on the witness stand.

Emiliano, who had been locked up for several days, was much thinner than before. She was not in good spirits,

although her eyes were bright. After entering the court, she stared straight at Audrey.

Audrey walked to Emiliano. "Is it Emiliano, the arson suspect?"

Emiliano obediently nodded. "Yes, I am Emiliano."

"Ms. Emiliano, I want to ask you a question. Among the people present, is there anyone who asked you to set fire in

the orphanage?"

Emiliano's gaze swept across the seats and landed on Howard's face. Then, her body trembled violently. She quickly

lowered her head and nodded. "Yes!"

"Ms. Emiliano, could you please identify who that person is?"

Emiliano raised her arm and pointed resolutely in the direction of the defendant, Howard.

"It's him."

"Ms. Emiliano, are you sure?"

Emiliano nodded. "I am sure it is him. His name is Howard. He is the one who ordered me to set the fire. I

remember it very clearly."

Gilbert suddenly stood up.

"Ms. Emiliano, my client will not use the name Howard in public. The person you contacted is not him. How can you

be sure that the person who planned everything is my client? How can you accurately say his name?"

Emiliano was a little flustered.

"I ... I... I know that he is the boss of Fida Trading Company. The person who asked me to do this was someone from

the company, so it must be him."

"Ms. Emiliano, you just said that you were sure that the person who instigated you to set the fire was my client, but

you also said that the person who instigated you was someone from my client's company. Ms. Emiliano, you are

deliberately trying to confuse the public and frame my client. If you frame others in court, you can be punished with

a false accusation. You will be charged with your arson crime."

Emiliano's face suddenly showed a nervous expression.

"I... I didn't... I didn't frame anyone. I clearly remember that it was Howard who instructed me."

"Previously, you provided the time when the other party called you. At that time, my client's phone did not have any

records of calling you. How did you know that the person who instructed you was my client?"

"I don't know. It... It was someone from his company who asked me to do it. He must have asked me to do it!"

"Witness, please tell everyone with certainty that the person who called you is my client, Mr. Howard."

"Yes... Ah, no!"

The judge knocked the gavel with a frown. "Witness, explain your testimony clearly."

The sound of the gavel caused Emiliano's body to tremble violently.

"I ... I don't know. I don't remember anything. It's..." Emiliano pointed to Audrey and said, "She was the one who told

me to say that."

Emiliano suddenly pointed at Audrey. Everyone present was shocked.

Even Audrey was stunned.

Audrey frowned. "When did I ask you to do this?"

Emiliano blinked and avoided Audrey's gaze. "Your Honor, you can check the camera. Half a month ago, Audrey

came to the prison to see me. It was then that she threatened me and asked me to be a false witness. She asked

me to say in court that it was Howard who ordered me to set fire."

The judge's face changed slightly. He gave the person next to him a look and asked him to get the evidence.

Audrey's expression changed slightly as she looked at Emiliano. "Ms. Reid, why did you frame me?"

Emiliano gritted her teeth and said, "Your Honor, I have one more thing to say."


"Look, my mother and Audrey's mother are good friends. Back then, when Audrey was born, I visited her."

Emiliano's words caused Audrey's expression to freeze.

Audrey did not expect Emiliano to say this.

Audrey's mother and Emiliano's mother were good friends. How could Audrey not know about this? Audrey had

never seen Emiliano's mother or Emiliano, and there was nothing about Emiliano and her mother in her mother's


"What?" The judge was surprised.

Emiliano said firmly, "Your Honor, I'm telling the truth. I have evidence."

As she spoke, Emiliano took out two photos from her pocket. One of them was a somewhat yellow old photo.

Before the photo was handed to the judge, Audrey glanced at the picture.

Audrey instantly recognized that one of the two people who was hugging each other in the old photo was her


Emiliano's mother actually knew Audrey's mother. Judging from the posture in the photo, the two were very close.

When the judge got the photo, Emiliano said, "It is a picture of my mother and Audrey's mother. One of them is a

picture of me and my mother. Behind it, there is a line of words. It says 'From today on, we will become good

friends.' The person who wrote this is Sierra, Audrey's mother!"

After the judge heard this, he said something to the people next to him and asked someone to bring over Sierra's

handwriting to make a comparison.

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