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A Warlock's Ascent

Chapter 76 Mission-2
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Chapter 76 Mission-2

Dave felt very nervous while walking in front of Hasan, he felt that at any moment an arrow can come flying at his head, killing him. Because of his paranoia, it became too hard to concentrate on the path that they were going.

And his negligence eventually got them both lost. But Hasan soon realized that they were off track, and soon pointed out his mistake, thus they change the direction they were going towards, and eventually made it towards the site where he had attacked the goblin…

"Can you tell me where in which direction they were heading and where were you when you attacked them?" Hasan asked.

While maintaining a safe amount distance from Hasan, he told him everything that he had asked, and soon they realize that the goblins were heading east from their location when they got attacked by him. Thus they started walking in that direction.

Hasan insisted they look for more goblin tracks if they could find some around this place, it would give him a better idea about where these midgets were heading. So, both of them split up and started looking around.

He made sure he didn't lose sight of? Hasan, even for a second, he believed that the giant would sneak on him at any moment in time, and thus will kill him if he got caught off guard, so he was being extra careful with him. Little did he know that Hasan was doing the same thing with him as well…

While keeping a lookout for Hasan, Dave eventually came across something. He accidentally stepped on it, which made a cracking sound that gathered his attention. He kneeled down and found what looked like a small dart.

He didn't pick it up and immediately turned towards Hasan. "Oi! Come look at this."

The giant came and when saw the dart on the ground, he was amazed, the giant also bent down to have a better look at what they were dealing with. "Looks like a dart used by goblin hunters"

"Goblin hunters?" he asked.

"Well goblins have some intelligence, and in bigger tribes, they follow social hierarchy like humans. Some goblins hunt for the tribe, some goblins are gatherers and gather fruits and herbs, and some of them are healers. I dont know much about them, but they all seem to follow a very complex social structure"

"Hmm… So these goblin hunters, are they dangerous?"

"I have come across some of them. They are pretty dangerous, they are good at stealth and bows. And they use a pipe and darts like this to hunt."

"Do you think that the tribe is near this place?"

While looking around, Hasan nodded. "There is a strong possibility that the tribe is present around her somewhere. Hunters dont tend to go too far while hunting. So keep your eyes peeled, there could be a tribe nearby"

Dave then started looking around wearily, he felt more nervous now, because now he had to juggle between keeping an eye on his potential murderer as well as on little midgets who would try to murder him, this whole situation had started turning into fuck fest that he wanted to get out of.

They split up once again and started looking around, and in a few minutes, Hasan found some footprints of those green midgets, and then immediately called him to check them out…

The giant found a trail of prints, and they were too many, as they all were overlapping each other, which made it difficult for them to keep track, because of which they were not able to tell which print was going in which direction.

But seeing the footprint, Hasan couldn't help but smile. "This is a very good thing that we found this site. Now we know that multiple goblins pass through this particular site. So we just need to make a camp and wait it out. Eventually, they would come out, then all we need to do is follow them"

It was a solid plan, thus they went to the side and started making a camp there, Hasan also possessed the three sticks from which they made a camp. These sticks would allow them to keep an eye on the route while being safely away at some distance.

Thus after setting up the camp, they sat down under the dome made of sticks and passed the time. The closeness between them was making them nervous, they were on the edge, waiting for the other person to do something, but nothing happened.

Soon their patience gave them some results, they started hearing high-pitch-chattering noises soon. They looked up and there they were a group of 7-8 goblins moving from along the trail that they found before.

These goblins were all carrying a ton of small animals with them, from rabbits to small squirrels, from what looked like a bat to what looked like some sort of fox, they had a ton of good small animals.

The group of goblins didn't notice them and started heading north from their current position, as soon as the group was out of earshot, they got into action, Hasan took out the sticks from the ground and immediately they started running into the direction where the goblins left.

They caught up to the group soon, but they had to maintain some distance from them, their mission was to scout the area and found out how many of these little buggers were hiding around here, not to engage with any of them, that is why they maintained a safe distance from them.

While following the little midgets, they eventually came across a big chunk of rock in the middle of the forest, the rock was covered in moss and vines, it looked like it had been there for a very long time.

That is why it came as a surprise to them when those midgets entered what looked like a hole in the rock,? hidden behind the vines. Seeing this Dave smiled, they just uncovered the hideout of the goblins.