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Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs-Novel2

Chapter 701: The end
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Chapter 701: The end

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Earlier, Lin Qing He had wanted match Gang Zi to her maternal niece, Lin Xiu. However, the two didn't need her to match them. At some unknown time, the two of them quietly dated by themselves.

Later, Lin Qing He noticed that the atmosphere between the two people seemed to be different and asked about it.

And discovered that it had been happening for almost two months!

Although Lin Qing He reprimanded her maternal niece, there was nothing else.

She watched Gang Zi grow up. He was a hard-working and diligent. In the future, he won't do badly.

In the early '90s, Gang Zi couldn't afford to buy a house. He bought a commercial house of more than 80 square meters in the mid-'90s. The location was very good. He spent 160,000 yuan.

It was almost all of Gang Zi's net worth.

Gang Zi and Lin Xiu married in the same year the house was bought.

Lin Qinghe took care of the furniture for them. The whole set of furniture were treated as her wedding gifts for them.

The two were blissful after marriage. Lin Xiu still worked as an accountant at Lin Qing He's side. As for Gang Zi, he set up a stall for two more years. Then he didn't continue to set up stalls anymore.

After 'Grandpa Zhou' chain store went into operation, he directly became the manager of a few "Grandpa Zhou' shops and began to receive his salary.

Still his luck was good. Didn't he buy a store before? That store was demolished and the area was used to build a road. So he was compensated a lot.

With this money, Gang Zi changed for another shop. A particularly good shop. Then he went over to study in his maternal aunt's dried good shop for more than half a month. After that, he came out and opened a dried good shop by himself.

He collected the goods from his maternal aunt's shop, which was very convenient.

His luck was really good. The shop hadn't opened for long. In less than half a year, a new market was built over there.

So Gang Zi made a fortune. It was definitely a good profit. One can tell since he went to get the goods twice a month.

He and Lin Xiu had a daughter. The family of three lived happily.

Xu Sheng Qiang had married a wife. She was a local citizen in the capital. She wasn't pretty but she was very capable inside and outside.

It was Lin Qing He who introduced her to him.

Later, the two married and gave birth to a son. Lin Qing He got Xu Sheng Qiang couple to buy a house in the late '90s.

She didn't pitch in but gave a proof of income. She told them to go to the bank for a loan on their own. Then they can slowly repay it later.

Speaking of Xu Sheng Qiang, there was another thing worth mentioning. His elder sister, Xu Sheng Mei.

Later, his elder sister Xu Sheng Mei divorced again and never married again. But she didn't mingle bad at all. Only had a poor reputation.

Because she later matched with an old man who was more than 20 years older than her. His son was older than her and still she went to be a stepmother.

Out of the second generation, Zhou Er Ni married the best.

She married Wang Yuan. Although Wang Yuan was rich and powerful, he wasn't a playboy. He had a very strong relationship with Zhou Er Ni. The twins were sent abroad to study.

The two of them couldn't be any more carefree.

Zhou Si Ni had also married well. She married Weng Guo Dong, who had an iron rice bowl. Which was safe and stable and their social status wasn't low.

After Zhou San Ni and Li Ai Guo went out on their own, their business wasn't as good as Lin Qing He's side. Still, it wasn't bad either.

The couple had bought a flat at the end of the '90s. It was more than 100 square meters. Still, they bought it in full.

According to Zhou San Ni's statement, after buying this flat, she can feel at ease.

Zhou Wu Ni settled in Hai City. Jiang Heng took care of the business in Hai City. The two got dual income. They had borrowed Lin Qing He's place to stay until '02. Only then, they went out to buy a house by themselves.

The one that had the best relationship with Lin Qing He was Zhou Xiao Mei.

Zhou Xiao Mei and Su Da Lin came together a the beginning thanks to her. Later, they lived happily. All four children were college students.

Of course, with Lin Qing He's support, Zhou Xiao Mei paid a down payment for the four siblings. Then she told them to go to work by themselves and repay the loan for their own house.

Anyone in the capital basically had at least one house of their own.

So when the real estate here in the capital turned over, all these young people grinned ear to ear.

Fortunately, they bought it early. Otherwise can they still afford it? A small house was worth millions, which was a sky-high price.

Everyone in Zhou Family had it stable in the capital. No matter what, they didn't need to rent a house. They were at the forefront and all have their own houses.

Later, Mother Weng, this in-law family, also bought a house under Lin Qing He's suggestion.

Because the clothing business wasn't do very good, it was better to buy a house to rent out. There was income every month.

Of course, because the shop was bought by herself in the past, there was no rental payment required. Mother Weng wasn't worried about losing money. So the couple's life was relatively secure.

They were all covered by social insurance. There was no cost to see a doctor and take medicine.

The development in their hometown was also very good.

Third Brother had changed his motorcycle to a truck and opened another shop. Still, he couldn't compare to Third Brother Lin in the end.

Third Brother Lin bought two houses in the county city. When the two houses were bought, one was 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. Later, it rose to 100,000 yuan for one. Still, Third Brother Lin didn't sell it. He held on to it.

Even when Third Brother didn't know, he revealed it to his third sister, Lin Qing He.

He will leave it to his two sons in the future.

Both of Third Brother Lin's sons were also doing business in the county city. They were considered to have inherited their father's profession.

Zhou Xia was also living well. While, Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law had never seen each other again for the rest of their entire lives. The money was sent back every month.

Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law were almost the winners in life. They are cadres in the village and their days were vibrant.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai lived to their nineties.

When Lin Qing He got up that morning, Lin Qing He had a hunch. She was at this age, how could she not have an idea?

Lin Qing He smilingly told Zhou Qing Bai: "My space is gone. I think it's almost time for me."

Zhou Qing Bai just grasped her hand and said with a smile: "Don't be afraid. I will be with you."

Lin Qing He left in the afternoon. She had departed very peacefully. All the children came over.

Zhou Qing Bai passed his final words.

There wasn't much to instruct. Because their age was high, the family property that should be divided were divided and the will that should be made were made.

So after giving his final words, Zhou Qing Bai took his wife's hand and lay down beside her slowly. Before he died, he only said: "Wife, I'm coming. It's dark underneath, I'll accompany you. Don't be afraid."

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