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Barren Mother Give Birth to Sextuplets To The Hot CEO

Chapter 327
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chapter 327

Broderick arrived home and began to had a lot of light discussion with the kids until they all felt sleepy.

Since it was

midnight, it was natural for them to feel sleepy but they were dissapointed that they didn’t see Amy.

However, Broderick assured them that they would most definitely see Amy tomorrow.

Amy arrived at the entrance of the house just twenty minutes after the children had retired to sleep.

Broderick welcomed

her and lead her inside. They both bathed and laid on the bed naked.

Amy looked into Broderick’s eyes and almost cried,” it looked like we would never live together


“I’m glad I will be spending the rest of my life with you, Amy,”

Broderick said.

“Even me, it’s my dream and I’m glad it’s coming through.

Can’t wait to see my kids in the morning,” Amy said.

Broderick immediately locked her lips into hers and the duo had a very passionate sex after which they

slept off.

When it was the following morning, Amy appeared in her kids room and woke them up, seeing Amy, the

boys rushed to hug him. They told her how much they have missed her and express their dissapointment

at how she suddenly left them.

Amy promise them not to ever leave them again in this lifetime. Amy and the boys went to the girl’s room.

The girls

were as at this time still sleeping, the boys couldn’t contain their excitment and so went to wake the girls


The girls were angry at first that their brothers interrupted their sleep but on seeing Amy, they rushed

towards her

happily. Since today was saturday, there was no going to school for the kids so Amy helped them all to

bath and then

lead them to dinner.

Amy went to inform Broderick that the food is ready and that he should join the kids on the table.

Broderick stood at once,

kissed her on the lips and then went to join the kids at the dinner.

There was one more person in the house, Brett. Amy walked over to the room that he slept overnight

and knocked and

once the door opened, Amy said gleefully,” Brett, come and join us to eat Breakfast.”

Brett said with a gloomy look, “I’m not hungry, you can eat!”

He then turned from her and walked back to bed.

Amy could tell that he wasn’t happy, he walked inside the room and asked,” Brett, what’s wrong?”

Brett sat on the bed with a sad look and shook his head.

What could be making him sad? Amy thought, her mind suddenly went to Joan. Oh Joan! Brett had once

said he loved


“It’s Joan, right?”

“I don’t even know where she is or if I’ll ever see her again,”

Brett said.

“Here I am,” the door opened and Joan appeared.

Brett’s mood lit up immediately, “Joan! Joan! Joan!” He wanted to hug her but didn’t know how to.

Joan giggled and said,” idiot, come and hug me.”

Brett rushed to her and hugged her dearly,” ha! I love you.”

“Join us at dinner when you are done with your romance,”

Amy immediately walked out of the room.

“Ha… You do?” Joan wanted him to say it again.

Actually, Brett didn’t even have the gut to say such words. It’s just that, he didn’t know when he utter the

words, it could be

because of overexcitement. He didn’t know if Joan will be angry or not.

But Joan’s expression didn’t look like someone who was angry at all so he said slowly and lowly,” yes!”

Joan hummed and said,” so….well, I… I love you too.”

“Huh?” Brett was shocked. He immediately carried her up and turned in cycle happily.

“Let’s go and eat breakfast first then we will talk about marriage,” Brett said.

“Ha! Just like that, marriage? Better prepare a billion dollar for my bride price,” Joan joked.

Brett and Joan soon joined the family of eight at the table.

As they ate, they all joked and laughed. It was a very beautiful moment.

Broderick said to Amy before everyone, “Amy, you are the douchert most beautiful woman in the world.

I’m the luckiest man in the world for having you. I love you so much.”

“Awww…” the kids and Joan said. It was such a kind gesture.

Amy was so happy to receive such praise from Broderick.

“I love you too,” Amy said shyly while the kids chuckled.

“Mummy is shy,” Debby said.

“I want a husband like daddy,” Queen said.

“Maybe dad can be our husband,” Angel said and everyone laughed.

Then Brett suddenly coughed, “erm… ” He coughed again, his mind beating hard,” Joan, you are the

most gorgeous woman in the world. I’m so lucky to have you. I love you so much.”

“Aw…” Everyone cheered them.

As if it was planned, Broderick and Brett knelt at the same time before Amy and Joan.

“Amy, will you will marry me?” Broderick asked Amy.

“Joan, will you marry me?” Brett asked Joan.

The children forgot this was dinner and began to shout,

“mummy say yes!”

“Joan, say yes!”

“Mummy, say yes!”

“Joan, say yes!”

The entire room fell into a deep silence.

“Yes,” Amy was the first to speak. The entire room fell into a positive chaos, the children began to


“Yes, “Joan also said. The entire room was enveloped with joy.

Both women received a beautiful golden rings in their fingers.

The children immediately began to sing for them and everyone began to dance.

Two weeks later, Broderick had a grand wedding with Amy at the biggest hall in town. King Nolan and

Queen Martha also

graced their wedding with their presence. Many prominent men came to there wedding and blessed it.

On the week that followed, Joan and Brett also got married in the same hall that Broderick and Amy got

married at. Mr.

Broderick Alessandro and Mrs. Amy Alessandro alongside their six kids were present in Brett and Joan’s


Ten months later, Amy gave birth to another bouncing babies. They were twin. As for Joan, she gave

birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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