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Child of Destiny-Novel

Child of Destiny-Novel
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Child of Destiny-Novel

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    Summary Shin Kinghad is a kid that had been abducted and trained by a powerful underworld organization since he was three years old. After six years, he had been rescued by the Special Forces during their operation against that organization and was adopted by the captain of the special force group.Since then, he treated the son and daughter of the captain as his own brother and sister.Years later, he joins the greatest VRMMORPG of all time, [Destiny's Fate] online, due repeated invitations of his brother. He creates havoc inside the game as he climbs his way from being a beginner player a peak class expert.But as he started grow up, he became curious about his real identity and who his biological parents were. He tried investigate it with the help of his brother and best friend. And after divering his real background, he decided follow his father’s footsteps and od at the peak of the world using his Martial-Art Skills and Mentalism Techniques.You’re reading “Child of Destiny” on See all Hide

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