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Chapter 439 - 439 Infinite loop
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439 Infinite loop

Alex gazed at the Beyond with a deep frown. He didn’t know how to approach this matter since he had too little information to work with. His eyes revealed uncertainty ever since he entered this world. If his speculations are right then he and Damon are in over their heads.

It means they are going against someone who has the guts to go against someone like Eve. Someone bold enough to allow another sin of greed to spawn in her place, just in hopes of consuming him and his power. The thought of letting someone bold enough to take such crazy steps live felt dumb.

This person clearly needed to die!

“This one time I agree with the death God. This bitch needs to die” Alex confirmed with cold eyes.

Now he knew how powerful his enemy is Alex stopped smiling. if his suspicions are true then this man was not a five-star being. He should have at least six stars but keeps her strength hidden.

Such a foe is someone she definitely cannot take lightly.

“I guess I will have to deal with this person as I mean it. Reaching the imperial capital and killing this bitch is no longer optional but relevant. If not, she would be an uncontrollable version of the death God who purely relies on tricks and schemes... Damn, women are scary” Alex said in his mind as he began approaching the trio.

The black scarf tied around his neck fluttered wildly in the wind before his body shot forward like a spear.



The pope seemed to frown at Alex’s attempt to reach him, especially since he was within a much weaker body.

“If I can’t slow your time, I will just quicken mine,” The Beyond said calmly but still didn’t move!


Alex smashed into the location but the image of the pope seemed to fade into the and as if he was never there to start with. His cold look revealed his confusion as he could have sworn the enemy was standing there.


Alex caught sight of his fleeing vision and he quickly took chase.


His body chased after the fleeing body of the man and his black divinity scarf shot in the direction of the pope but Belial and The sun cosmic spirit stepped in with one slashing forward and the other punching out!


With the tendrils from his scarf blown away, Alex chose the enter the battle himself.


A black flash occurred and Alex appeared in their midst but the Beyond was looking in his direction with an uninterested look as if this was expected from the very start.


His fist shot forward like a spear, surging with intense black flames.


The pope dodged as his body seemed to twirl around Alex at an accelerated pace, before his hand slammed into Alex’s exposed chest, causing ripples to spread across the battlefield.


Alex was blown back as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


His body hit the ground and bounced off it, before rolling for over fifty meters before stopping.

“Shit!” Alex growled as rose to his knees and looked up but the Beyond was standing right in front of him, with another casual open palm tearing in his direction.

Just from the last attack, Alex felt his chest cave in. Should another one hit, he may actually end up getting a hole torn into his chest.

Gravity core: repel!


Two forces collided violently sending fierce shockwaves across the battlefield, leaving Alex stunned. This being is nowhere around the five ratings given to her. She was on par with him, if not slightly stronger.

“Young gods like yourself are impulsive. To have come this far, I must have seen quite enough. Or have you not considered that option?” The Beyond asked with indifference in her eyes but Alex snorted disdainfully in response and said nothing more.

He rose to his feet, standing toe to toe with the imperial capitals pope and he noticed cracks across the entire body of the aged man.

The deity is strong but the host is weak!

If the Beyond plans to win against him then she would need to come here herself! swoosh!

Like an arrow, Alex’s hand smashed through the invisible gravity force of the enemy, clashing against his.


In a single move, the invisible force was shattered and Alex grabbed the pope by the neck, pulling him off the ground.


We won’t let you!

Two figures appeared by his side with their weapons raised but Alex remained unfazed by their attempt.

“Not enough!” Alex bellowed as his pitch-black eyes narrowed a powerful shockwave exploded from Alex sending them flying while creating a one-meter-deep crater beneath.


Belial and the cosmic spirit of sun were blown away instantly by the attack, sending them spiraling back. His cold gaze returned to the pope in hand and he instantly snapped his neck effortlessly.


Alex felt cold and disturbed. The spot where he stood should have a crater due to the fall but it looked like he never came here in the first place. The corpse of the pope faded from his hands as it seems as if they had reminded bringing him back to the very beginning of the battle

His eyes shifted the figure ahead and he looked amused.

“Infinite time loop..… For how long has this battle been happening and how many times have I killed you?” Alex asked coldly.

The moment he realized this was a time loop he quickly embraced the possibility that he has been trapped here for a while.

“This is our 900th battle which still ended in your victory. Regardless of how much I try, I can’t seem to beat you with this body” The Beyond answered honestly but was also lost in thought as if she was pondering on something but then her eyes shivered as fear ran through her mind.

“Black Flame: Void fire!” Alex said in a cold tone as his flames began burning through the time zone in which he was trapped. The source of this ᴄontent is Fɪ

“Impossible!” The Beyond said with a frown.