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The sudden vibration in one of his trouser pockets alerted Davies to the notification arrival on his phone.

He had then brought the phone out, expecting a call or a message from his assistant cum bodyguard, Daniella who should have been able to get rid of the "obstacle" in her way, but upon bringing the phone out, what he saw on the screen wasn't a call or a message from Daniella or anyone he knew, but rather, a voice message from a number unknown to his contact list.

For a few seconds, he had paused to think about who would send him a voice message and why, but even after pausing to think for a while, he hadn't been able to figure out who would send him a voice message at this particular moment.

Suddenly he was hit by a very daring thought and he looked at the notification on the phone screen with a newfound annoyance and amazement,

"It can't be, right?" he muttered with the sudden but daring and highly likely thought on his mind, but with no way to confirm his thoughts than to listen to the message, he went ahead to tap on the phone to listen to the message.

"If you're listening to this message, then you must have escaped the explosive surprise I had prepared for you, but I'm pretty sure that something that low level couldn't manage to kill you..."

"After all, you managed to survive the internal destruction poison," a normal-sounding female voice came into Davies's ears from the speaker of his phone, and his face immediately turned ashen.

"I can imagine that the look on your face isn't very bright right now, haha," the voice continued with a little laugh.

"Oh, how I wish I could see how you'd look right now, but too bad, I'll just have to do that later... Though right now, I am more interested in how you managed to survive the internal destruction poison..." Now the voice contained a hint of curiosity.

"Too bad I can't hear that yet since this is merely a voice message..."

"I'm sure you wondering why I sent you this voice message..."

"... The truth is, I'm also wondering the same thing... It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and may have been because I wanted to annoy you, or that I wanted to let you know that I was the one who sent someone to poison you, even though that wasn't the plan,"

"... Or maybe, I wanted to tell you that we were the ones that took your girlfriend's brother..."

"Oops, I shouldn't have told you that yet, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have mattered anyway as you would have found out sooner or later,"

"In case you don't already know who "WE" are, here's a little introduction..."

"We are the Megas Uprising,"

"Whether you know what we want or not..."

"Don't get in our way, or we will make you disappear..." the voice said with a dark tone.

*Click* The phone sounded as the voice message ended, leaving a stunned-looking Davies who stared at the phone in disbelief, completely shocked by the fact that the attempt on his life, the attack on his company, as well as the kidnapping of Tisha's brother, Romero, was all done by the same person... Or organization in this case.

Also, those fuckers had some balls. Not only had they messed with him three times, but they had also even dared to send him a message to point him in their direction as if they were scared that he wouldn't find out that they were the ones behind it.

Though the way they had sent him a voice message to literally "snitch" on themselves, was kind of weird, and it smelled like there was something else behind it, it didn't matter to Davies.

He wasn't by any means a hot-headed person, but there was no way in hell he was going to let this go.

They had dared to call him and tell him not to get in their way after they had messed with his things and tried to kill him.

"Heh... Hihihi," a cold chuckle escaped his lips and then a second later it burst out into cold laughter.


"Bring it on, fucking bastards," a cold whisper left his lips and his icy cold mana burst out from his body and swept across the room, freezing everything over... Even the flames.

He slowly walked out of the room, everywhere he stepped turning into an icicle as he moved.

With a newfound vigor to find the bastards that called themselves the Megas Uprising, he went up to the 140th floor in hopes of finding anything that could be used to find out anything about them that would be useful in finding them, but unluckily, he couldn't find anything useful among the charred remains of those on the 140th floor either.

"Tch..." he clicked his tongue in annoyance at not being able to find anything useful, but since he had already expected something like this, he wasn't overly sad or distraught or anything of the sort.

He knew that for an organization as big and powerful as the Megas Uprising to be making constant moves, they had something they were after, so sooner or later they would pop their heads out of whichever hole they were hiding in, and when that happened, they would leave traces that would help him to find them and be able to hammer their heads back into the ground once he did, but for now, he would focus on whatever else was an immediate problem while sharpening his claws, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

So, he began to make his way back down the stairs, he heard a loud banging noise and a rush of footsteps coming his way.

He didn't bother pausing his footsteps as he already sensed familiar waves of mana coming from Daniella who was rushing up the stairs towards him.

'She already took care of the obstruction, huh?' Davies wondered, hoping she managed to gain some information about the Megas Uprising from whoever she just fought.