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Dear Sweetheart novel

Dear Sweetheart novel
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Dear Sweetheart novel

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    Read Dear Sweetheart by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDear Sweetheart full chapter on . Genre: Romance Rayna Garland never imagined that her husband Julian would cheat on her on their first wedding anniversary. Rayna was suffering and didn't know what to do when her mother-in-law called to urge her to give birth to a child for  Julian in a harsh voice. Since she was married to the Faymon family, her husband's parents have never considered her as a family member. In their view, she - from a poor background - should feel grateful to have had the honor of giving birth to a child for the Faymon family. Rayna said “You can rest assured that I will divorce Julian. There's no need for you to keep pestering me. Also, since you want to bear so much, I'll bear them for you.” However, they will not be from Julian's seed. Since he had already cheated on her, she didn't mind returning the favor before their divorce... Please follow and read Dear Sweetheart full chapter on

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