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Death Guns In Another World

Death Guns In Another World
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Death Guns In Another World

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    Summary lexander, a young billionaire, and some of his classmates died in a school bus accident. They had another chance reincarnate in a fantasy universe. A world of Sword and Magic. However, while everyone got a wonderful gift, Alex got two guns. One is silverlored while the other is black. Heuldn't even use magic. Even when others made fun of him, and his stats were below average, Alex was still smiling as he believes in himself. With a fiery eye, he said: “On Earth, I was one of the richest, and in this New World, I shall be the strongest.”gether with the others, they were sent the next world begin again. This is the ry of Alex with his two guns in another world, a fantasy world. The ry of his struggles until he became the strongest. The tale of a journeywards thep.You’re reading “Death Guns In Another World” on See all Hide

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