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Expert Down The Mountain by Summer

Expert Down The Mountain by Summer
130 Chapters
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Expert Down The Mountain by Summer

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    Read Expert Down The Mountain by Summer by Summer. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereExpert Down The Mountain by Summer update at “Dr. Cohen, how's my dad? “ said a man. He looked worried. "Don't worry. Mr. Gardner's illness is not serious. He has just relapsed. He will be fine after I give him acupuncture," said an old man. He seemed calm. “Do it now, Dr. Cohen. My grandfather has been unconscious for the past two days! “ This is the voice of the woman who let him in.() Then it appeared that a man named Dr. Cohen was about to perform acupuncture. Cyrus walked in and saw an old man with white hair in black taking out some needles and pricking them into different points on an old man lying in bed. With just one glance, he realized something was wrong! 'The person on the bed should be Mr Lufian Gardner who helped Mr Frank. I can't let anyone kill him! '