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Fatal Shot

Chapter 718: Hidden Region Discovered
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Chapter 718: Hidden Region Discovered

“Da, Da, Da!”

In the underground city, a Scout player ran vigorously, sweat beading on his forehead. From time to time he turned to counterattack the people chasing him.


However, after several counterattacks, the 30 rounds of assault rifle bullets in his hand had run out.


The scout player cursed and ran back while reaching into the pocket of his tactical vest, preparing to change the magazine.


Just when he was about to reload the magazine, a sniper bullet penetrated his temple.


Along with the five-digit damage coefficient, the Freedom Flag camp Scout player was reduced to a lump of the white light of death.

The magazine in his hand fell to the ground together with the ?Level-50 Excellent assault rifle. The prizes left behind in the wake of his departure radiated a faint white light.

“A Sniper?”

Seeing the situation, the few Nightless Club players chasing from behind froze altogether at first. Then, hearing something on the communication channel, a Light Armored Warrior player ran over, grinning from ear to ear, as he picked up the items produced by the Scout player.

“Thanks, Brother Feng!”

“Brother Feng, hello!”

The remaining people gave greetings and thanks to the source of the bullet.

On a higher platform, over 50 meters beside them, Feng Luo held the Wings of Death he had just fired, inhaling the comforting scent of gunpowder smoke.

“Brother Feng, there’s another one over there.”

Lying next to him, holding a Recon Meter, Mu Zi reached out and pointed at a hidden location.


Seeing Mu Zi look his way, the Freedom Flag Light Armored Warrior player who was secretly hiding cursed, then hastily engaged his “Charge” skill, running at full speed in the opposite direction from Feng Luo.

But despite the Warrior’s rapid Charge, it was impossible for him to outrun a sniper bullet that flew at over 1000 meters per second.



Upon hitting the back of the Light Armored Warrior, the 14.5MM caliber B-grade sniper bullet penetrated the warrior’s Alloy Armor, shooting right through his body.

The same five-digit damage effortlessly killed the Freedom Flag camp Light Armored Warrior in one shot.

The only ones that could have survived a sniper bullet were a Heavy Armored Warrior, someone with Legendary equipment or a high enough Level, a player who possessed the complete equipped Earth Manipulator Energy Forcefield or had the Talent ?enhancement.

Otherwise, when faced with the Death of Wing used with B-grade bullets, it was almost impossible for players of other ?professions to survive when hit at critical points.

It must be known that B-Grade sniper bullets had very high damage and destructive powers. In many cases, the combination of the two could even increase damage by about 50%!

Although B-grade bullets were a powerful threat, they were also expensive.

As there was no Master-grade Ammunition Manufacturer yet, B-grade bullets were still considered Rare goods. They were all either recovered from the ruins or the hands of NPCs. The price of the cheapest B-grade bullet was above 1000 credits!

For Feng Luo who killed Normal players with B-grade bullets, the items dropped by his victims would probably not even fetch enough to cover the bullets’ cost.

However, Feng Luo was not really concerned.

Firstly, with his current net worth, the price of B-grade bullets was still affordable.

Secondly, the Wings of Death had three magazines, and he would not have to use B-grade bullets for all targets. Gunners and Manipulators with no forcefields could be killed with single shots of Normal armor-piercing bullets.

Once Feng Luo had killed the Light Armored Warrior, Mu Zi used the Detection with the Recon Meter.

“No one is detected, there should be no more people hidden in this area!” said Mu Zi, smiling.

It was already 7 am in the morning, and two hours had passed since the previous enemy-baiting battle in the “Desert Nematode sea.”

The situation was now completely reversed.

Most of the Freedom Flag camp players had already been outnumbered and eliminated by the Nightless City players with the assistance of NPCs. The small number of remaining people had fled everywhere, dispersed throughout the underground city.

To ensure the city-building clearing mission went smoothly, Nightless City would naturally not allow these dangerous pockets of people to exist.

To this end, the Nightless City people were already split into batches to facilitate the city’s attempt to clear out the escapees.

Feng Luo and Mu Zi who had obtained sufficient supplies relied only on the power of the Legendary Recon Meter. Although there were only two of them, they were far more efficient than the other teams.

“Mm, change to the next location…to the terminal over there!” Feng Luo said.


Half an hour later, in the outer circle of the terminal area, at the bottom of a passageway, a low gunshot rang out.

A Freedom-Flag Scout player who had been lying nearby, concealed by his anti-detection Talent, was hit in the chest by a double armor-piercing bullet and reduced into the white light of death, producing a whole floor of crystals.

“Whoo…this guy’s really capable of escaping!”

Mu Zi panted slightly as he walked with Feng Luo to the position where the Scout player’s departure had produced several items.

They had been chasing this person for an entire two minutes and even let him escape to this spot less than 100 meters from the terminal before killing him. This person’s ability to escape was pretty strong.

“Hmm, not much of a haul. Just two white crystals, seven grey crystals… luckily I didn’t use a B-grade bullet, or it’d be a serious loss!” Feng Luo said, shaking his head.


In a way, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat. Just when Feng Luo bent over and reached out to pick up the crystals produced by the Scout player, he suddenly froze and looked at the grey metal wall behind the corpse of the Scout player.

After the double armor-piercing bullet he had just shot penetrated the player’s body, it had hit the grey metal wall with its remaining strength. When he lowered his head, Feng Luo felt a gust of cold wind blowing from the spot on the metal wall where the bullet had hit.

“Why is there wind? On the structure map, the back of this wall should be completely rock. It’s not empty, naturally, it’s impossible to have air flow…wait, unless…”

Feng Luo’s heart lurched.

To make it more convenient for him to chase people, he had already memorized the structure of the entire underground city in his mind long before. His knowledge of the map-enabled him to quickly deduce a possible answer.

Feng Luo turned to Mu Zi and said, “Mu Zi, use the Detection and check what is behind this wall.”

Mu Zi nodded a little doubtfully, but he did not hesitate.

He immediately adjusted the Recon Meter, pointing it to the wall, and strengthened its Detection effect.


Quickly, Mu Zi let out a “hm.”

“Brother Feng, the Recon Meter shows that there is a space behind this wall, and the space isn’t small. Strange. Based on the structure map, isn’t it supposed to be rock behind this?”

Mu Zi’s tone was a little uncertain.

“Structure maps of ordinary ruin terminals will not mark all the places…especially some confidential areas.”

Feng Luo had an expression that made it obvious he thought they had stumbled on to a secret area.

Mu Zi froze for a moment. Then, realizing, he said, “Ah? Brother Feng, you mean…”

“Could you detect the thickness of this wall?” Feng Luo asked, knocking the wall.


“But the result detected is a little strange, the thickness of this wall isn’t exactly the same everywhere. Some parts are very thick, while some parts are thinner… The spot where your bullet penetrated is a very thin part…”

Mu Zi projected the screen of the Legendary wristband directly onto the metal

wall in proportion, indicating the internal structure of the metal wall.


However, at that moment, something unexpected happened.

When the projection screen from the Legendary wristband obtained from the

Lu Conglomerate “experimental laboratory” was projected onto the metal wall, the latter suddenly made a soft “click” sound, slowly sliding open from its center. A burst of cold air hit their faces.

“Ah, be careful, Brother Feng!”

Mu Zi who was standing towards the back cried out in fear when the Legendary wristband’s projection revealed what was behind the wall.

There, lying in wait, was a vicious, black open mouthpiece with long sharp jaws - so large it was as tall as a human!

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