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First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space

First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space
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First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space

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    Summary In the 21st century, a female military dor, Lu Jiao, transmigrated i a and became the vicious mother of four little villains and the wife of the future First Assistant.In the , the four little ones would grow up i villains whommitted all kinds of crimes and killed people without batting an eye. Eventually, they would end up getting killed by the male and female protagonists. avenge his sons, the First Assistant would transform i the final boss and die aftermmitting many sins.Lu Jiao looked at the four little ones who were only up her knees, then looked at the bedridden First Assistant. Forget it, she would do a good deed by educating these children properly and giving the First Assistant medical treatment while she was there.What she didn’t expect was that the four little villains and the future First Assistant would want nothing more than send her her death.They attempted strangle her in the middle of the night, use broken pieces of porcelain slice her arteries, and poison her food. Lu Jiao was furious. “I’m not doing this anymore. If you want bme villains, go ahead.”However, the four little ones now refused let her go.“Mummy, please don’t go. We’ll be obedient from now on.” You’re reading “First Assistant's Petite Wife Has Space” on See all Hide