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Godlike Player in a Game-Like World

Chapter 342 End Of The Match
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''Scatter in different directions!''

After the reptile men had overcome their shock and fear at the sudden death of their friend and the display of power by their enemies, they decided to make one last attempt to escape by fleeing in different directions.

However, Raydon was not about to let his efforts go to waste.

''There is nowhere to run. '' Raydon said with an evil smile.

''There's nowhere to run.'' Raydon's voice echoed with a sinister smile.

He activated his skill, "Rusty Chain," an attack and control-type skill, and swiftly swung it towards the nearest reptile man.

''Aghhh!'' The reptile man let out a pained cry as the flaming chain wrapped around his neck, causing his voice to fade into silence as his throat burned.

[Lv.29 Serpenthian (E-Rank) has been killed.]

[Your team gained 29 points.]

[You gained 5800 experience points.]

[Bonus: You gained 1015 experiences.]

''Another level 29. Not bad.'' Raydon glanced at his experience points, satisfaction evident on his face, and then pursued the other escaping reptile men with a sense of excitement.

[Lv.29 Serpenthian (E-Rank) has been killed.]



[Lv.29 Serpenthian (E-Rank) has been killed.]



''Whew, four more added to my kill count.'' Raydon swiftly captured and dispatched the reptile men who had failed to escape.

As he stood amidst the fallen enemies, he took a moment to survey the loot left behind.

''This really takes up a lot of time,'' he thought with a tinge of annoyance, scanning the sky for his black cat.

Due to his lack of investigative ability, he was unable to locate another enemy team in the area and was forced to wait for the cat to lead him to his next prey. Additionally, in order for battle maids to collect loot from the ground, they needed to first be aware of the location of this place. Because of these two problems, it was quite boring to wait for someone every time and spend time on it, but there was nothing to do.

''Finally.'' Raydon let out a sigh of relief as he noticed the black cat wearily flying towards him.

Raydon gently grasped the cat by the back of its neck, placing it back on his shoulder, and inquired, ''Alright, where is our next target?''

At the question, the cat paused for a moment, and then slowly and exhaustedly raised its paw, pointing in a direction.

''Hold on tight,'' Raydon said, preparing to start running. But before he did, he glanced at the loot on the ground and asked, ''They're coming for these, right?''

He didn't want to leave his hard-earned loot behind, so he needed to make sure the battle maids were on their way.

''Meow. ''

''Meow.'' The cat paused once more and then nodded, emitting a confident meow.

''Good, hold on tight.''

With the confirmation he was seeking, Raydon grinned and began sprinting towards his next target.

''What's the situation?'' Nysora asked Arora, who closely trailed behind her as they ran, her fiery red hair billowing in the wind.

''He has already eliminated the four-man team and moved on to pursue his next target,'' Arora promptly replied.

''Were you able to observe his fight?'' Nysora inquired further.

Because they had not seen any of Raydon's fights other than the one he had with the cockroach region boss, they did not have a very good understanding of his full capabilities. To support their theory about his similarities with Loran, they needed to witness his abilities in action.

However, Arora's response was disheartening.

''Unfortunately, the fight had concluded by the time the spirit beast caught up with him,'' Arora said with a hint of frustration.

She had been eager to observe Raydon's techniques and fighting style, so not being able to witness the battle was a letdown.

''We can't even catch up to him to observe his fights,'' Mell added with a touch of melancholy.

Their lack of skills to participate in or even observe the battles served as a constant reminder of their own limitations.

''There's nothing we can do. Let's give it our best,'' Nysora reassured them, recognizing that it wasn't Arora's fault.

With limited options, their focus remained on gathering as much information as possible and doing their best until the match concluded.

[Time remaining until the end of the match: 00:08:15]

''I think it's time to stop,'' Raydon said, glancing at the remaining time displayed by the system.

The items of the most recent enemies he had defeated were all around him, and he hoped to acquire this loot by waiting for the battle maids before the match ended.

'This little guy really worked hard. ' Raydon murmured, his gaze shifting to the sky as he observed the cat wearily making its way towards him, its wings fluttering with exhaustion.

Throughout the match, Raydon's use of the berserker technique necessitated leaving the cat behind, forcing it to tirelessly chase after him. It was evident that the small creature had expended all its energy.


Just as Raydon watched the cat draw closer, it suddenly ceased flapping its wings and plummeted towards the ground. Reacting swiftly, Raydon lunged forward and caught the cat in his hands, preventing it from hitting the ground.

''You've done well. Rest now,'' Raydon whispered, gently stroking the cat's disheveled fur before carefully placing it back on his shoulder.

''I hope the girls can catch up in time as well,'' he muttered, now waiting for the battle maids to arrive and secure his hard-earned loot.

By the end of the match, Raydon had eliminated 28 enemy item holders, including lion men, and had encountered and dispatched over 100 mobs along the way.

In addition, the main reason why he was able to get so many kills was because the size of the region shrank significantly towards the end of the match, which enabled him to find more enemy teams.

However, he was still dissatisfied with the outcome, and because he lacked the necessary skills, he was helpless.

[Level]: 10

[Rank]: E (White)

[Experience]:  17,515 / 89,000



[Undistributed stat points]: 36

''Hmm, I'm still far away from level 11,'' Raydon remarked, checking his character panel.

After the lion man team that he had defeated, he was only able to advance two levels, and at this point, he was a considerable distance away from the next level. However, the requirement of additional experience points in order to advance in level appeared to be a source of frustration. 

''Let me guess... For the next level, I need 144,000 experience points, right?'' Raydon calculated, recognizing a pattern based on the experience points needed to reach his current and previous levels.

It took him 55,000 experience points to reach level 10, and he needed 89,000 to reach level 11. With a little bit of calculation, he was able to estimate the number of experience points required to meet the next requirement, although he was not entirely certain.

As he couldn't be certain, he made a mental note to verify this prediction when he eventually leveled up.

Turning his attention to the approaching group in the distance, Raydon observed Nysora and the other battle maids, who appeared downtrodden and dejected.

''Why do they look so gloomy?'' Raydon wondered, noticing the somber expressions on their faces as they rapidly approached him.

''Sorry, young master. We were late,'' Nysora spoke up, stepping forward and bowing her head as the group reached Raydon's side.

However, the true reason for her despondency wasn't merely their delayed arrival to collect Raydon's loot. It was the fact that they hadn't been able to witness a single instance of his fighting throughout the rest of the match.

''It's okay, don't worry,'' Raydon reassured them, waving his hand dismissively. He understood that their limitations in terms of strength and speed were beyond their control, just as his lack of investigative abilities necessitated their assistance. Blaming them for the situation would be absurd.

Raydon glanced around and noticed something amiss. Curiosity piqued, he asked, ''Where are the cats?''

Ever since Raydon had given Arora the responsibility of looking after the black cats, he had also left behind the other warrior spirit beasts. Now that the match was nearing its end, he didn't want to leave them behind and wondered about their whereabouts.

''Don't worry, young master. All your spirit beasts are in my dimensional storage, along with the bodies of the mobs you killed during the match,'' Arora reassured Raydon, noticing his concern, and stepped forward to address the issue.

''Good, good. Thank you. Now these are the last ones,'' Raydon expressed his satisfaction, pointing to the remaining loot from the last enemy item holders he had defeated.

''I will get them for you.'' After providing her response as the person in charge of Raydon's other loot, Nysora began picking up items that were scattered across the ground. 

Raydon reflected on his gains from the match, realizing that they were quite substantial. Among all the loot he had acquired, the cat battalion held a special place in his heart.

'Not bad at all,' Raydon thought to himself, pleased with the outcome. The anticipation of the valuable loot awaiting him at home only added to his excitement.

Then, with growing excitement with each passing second, he watched the countdown on the system.

[Time remaining until the end of the match: 00:0:15]

[Time remaining until the end of the match: 00:0:11]


[Time remaining until the end of the match: 00:0:7]


[Time remaining until the end of the match: 00:0:02]


Finally, the message he had been anticipating rang melodiously in his ears. 

[The match has ended.]

[Winner Team: B7890-D4850]

[…Based on the contribution, rewards are calculated.]

[You gained gold coins: 780]

[You gained item blueprint: Gloves (Green)]

[You gained a body enchantment: Chitin Skin (Green)]

[You gained a body enchantment: Toxic Lather (White)]

[Win streak: 1]

[Enemy kill count: 28]

''Hahaha, I actually got 2. '' Raydon's laughter resounded when he saw the system message before his body vanished into the lights.

Even he did not anticipate receiving two body enchantments in exchange for the two region bosses he defeated. 

It appears that his Luck stat points were not entirely ineffective.