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Good Evening, Mr President!

Good Evening, Mr President!
1972 Chapters
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Good Evening, Mr President!

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    Summary In the eyes of Chi Zuxu, Chi Yi is a typical delinquent with the three big ‘NOs’— no morals, no virtues, no principles. her, though, he is a classic baddie who is heartless, soulless, and inhuman.After the girl breaks and climbs through his glass window on the snd ry, she peeps at him with an innocent demeanor.“Chi Zuxu, lend me the other half of your bed!” she wolf-whistles at him blatantly. The man admonishes with a wl, “Chi Yi, aren’t you shameless!”Inside the cinema, as Chi Yi’s little hands restlessly grope the man’s body without chagrin, she tells him smilingly, “Chi Zuxu, I want do bad things with you!” Holding a look of woeful disgrace, he knocks her head. “Chi Yi, aren’t you embarrassed!”It is a lovely love ry between a barefaced and a reticent. But, Mr Reticient, please don’t cry when Miss Barefaced finally slips away. You’re reading “Good Evening, Mr President!” on See all Hide

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