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His Lordship Alexander Kane by Useless Caesar

Chapter 499
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Chapter 0499 Rules? Alexander could not help but chuckle.

"Rules are just made up by folks," he said.

He looked at Ryder, who was freaking out, with a composed, steady gaze. His voice was indifferent, like he was just stating the obvious. "Your precious rules are just to bully the small. The big fish eat the little fish, and that's that.

"Sure, you can preach about rules and do whatever you want when you're the one in charge.

"n - ) . " However, me? I am the rule.

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The moment he said that the air in the Redwine family's estate seemed to turn to ice. | Alexander's presence was like a rocket to the moon! It was as if a legendary beast was waking up inside him, radiating an untouchable, fierce power. The air around him was electric with potential violence, and the threat of death hung heavy as a fog.

That was the aura of a warlord who had seen countless battles, walked fields strewn with the dead, and stood tall amidst mountains of bones. That was the aura of the mightiest Lord of War.

"This can't be happening, it just can't..." Ryder was beside himself.

He was a big shot, the head of a major family, but he had never felt fear like that. The guy in front of him, Alexander, did not seem human. He was like some ancient, unstoppable force of destruction.

What had the Waine family gotten themselves into? If he could take a do-over pill right then, he would gulp it down in a heartbeat.

"You were asking who Iam?" Alexander's intense vibe dialed back, and he turned to Frank, who was practically glowing with respect, and said with a smile, "Go ahead, tell him." Frank, barely containing his glee, stepped up and locked eyes with Ryder, his face screaming confidence. "Ryder,

weren't vou the one gunning for the New Chesire Group, wanting to wipe them out completely? "Listen up, the Redwine family has pledged their loyalty to them. We're in Kane's corner now! "And the guy you're looking at? That's Alexander, the big shot of the Redwine household, the kingpin of Ol' Mare without a crown, and the other half of New Chesire Group's boss, Amber!" Kaboom! Ryder staggered back as if hitby a thunderbolt, his face white asa ghost.

It clicked...

That was Alexander |

He was the one who stormed through the northern defenses in a single night, wiped out Blossomtown, and took out eight of those high-flying fighter Envoys... The Xanthos family was not pulling the strings after all. They got it totally wrong! The man behind it all was right there, the guy whose name he had only heard whispered, and then he was staring at the legend in the flesh.

The enigmatic prodigy, Alexander! 1A secret stops being a secret the moment it's out. And if you want to keep it under wraps, the easiest way is to take out anyone in the know." Alexander said calmly, his finger poised to strike again, "Take this to the grave. Try being a good guy next time around."

Zap! His finger jabbed the air, unleashing a torrent of raw power! Rvder's face twisted in terror, the Waine family's Envoys turned pale, and their elite fighters froze in fear.

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Over fifty of them, including Roman with his busted arm, were caught in the relentless blast, their bodies peppered with wounds.

They hit the ground without so much as a peep, stone dead.

Then, silence.

The deep, unyielding silence of the grave.

In front of the grand Redwine family estate, Frank, Vince, the Three Sages ol Cidda City, the sole survivor Zayn, the two Envoys from the simmons family,

along with their top-notch bodyguards, all of them had stopped breathing for a moment, their hearts ! pounding uncontrollably.

What did it mean to be truly powerful? Today, they had their answer.

It was the overwhelming might of one against many, effortlessly turning adversaries to dust, a mere conversation laying waste to all opposition, all without breaking a sweat! "And you, Zayn Simmons." After the dust settled, Alexander turned his attention back, a subtle smile playing on his lips. "Ryder just gave the order for the Waine and simmons family Envoys to band

together and take me down, vet vou didn't join in "Tell me, why?"