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Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm
650 Chapters
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Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

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    Summary Lin Xiaoyue, a girl from the future, transmigrates i the body of a dumb peasant girl. The father of the original owner had just died, and her remaining family was made live in a dilapidated house on the edge of the village by their own grandmother. Looking at her fragile mother and her little brother’s miserable appearance, Lin Xiaoyue decided that she wanted the three of them live a good life. The good thing is that she had her spatial ring and spiritual powers.With that, sheuld relax and easily do what she needed do. Hmm. There wasn’t a strong man in the house, and peoplentinuously came bully them? No problem, she’ll just buy a man! After browsing through the slaves, she divered the captain whom she had a crush on in her previous life! Ah, she just loved ancient times! There was no war, and no famine. She also had a family and a lover! She was happy live on like this! This is the ry of an ordinary girl who came from the future, living a prosperous life in the ancient times! You’re reading “Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm” on See all Hide

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