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How to Survive as the Wife of The Monster Duke

Chapter 96
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Chapter 96

Aden couldn’t spend too much time with Ilyin. He was supposed to have been visiting her briefly before leaving for Elo’s territory but the scent of summer and her just made him act out of impulse. After laying with her for a while, he lifted Ilyin off him and carefully placed her down. He didn’t forget to put a soft and comfy blanket up to her neck.

“I’ll be back soon,” he whispered as he placed a tender kiss on her cheek.

Ilyin looked at the clock. Even then, he was delayed for quite a while now.

“Will Elo be ok?”

Hadn’t they returned quickly to the winter region because of Elo?

Aden nodded at Ilyin’s question, “They will be.”

“They seemed okay in the dream but…”

It was still concerning. The Elo knights that were holding swords with the yellow accessory looked uneasy. It was probably due to the fact that they would have to face the Yester Tribe head on should the wall of light collapse. She didn’t get to see far enough into the future to know what happened after.

Ilyin couldn’t help the uneasiness in the bottom of her stomach as she thought of those deep violet eyes. Not just the iris, but his entire eyes were a thick violet that was almost black, and those eyes were staring at her for sure.

“Did you have a dream?” Aden pushed back the few locks of hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. Her beautiful eyes that made him want to leave everything and lie with her for eternity.

“Yes,” Ilyin said hesitantly.

“Did you see something that bothered you again?” His gentle tone had a way of calming people.

Ilyin reached out for his hand. She knew what he was asking, he was asking whether someone would get hurt or die. It wasn’t that this time, but she did see something that bothered her.

“I saw something strange,” she began, unsure of how to explain what she saw to him.

“What do you mean?” he tilted his head.

“First… I saw Elo’s wall.”

Was it a wall? Ilyin wondered as she creased her eyebrows. Thankfully Aden immediately knew what she meant.

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“You mean Elo’s wall of light?”

“Yes,” Ilyin nodded.

Like its name It was a wall of light. To keep intruders away.

“That is the power Elo holds. That is the reason how the Elos were able to hold their ground for so long despite being so close to the monsters,” Aden explained shortly. Ilyin nodded.

“The wall… didn’t collapse, thankfully.” It felt like it was going to. Ilyin chose her words carefully, “I didn’t see the entire future, however.”

Aden felt like something was missing from her words.

If it was her grandmother, Bertha, would she have been able to understand her? But in the next words that followed, Ilyin wondered if even Bertha would have been able to understand.

“When I met eyes with someone in the dream, I woke up.”

His eyes were a deep violet, like you’d get sucked into if you stared at them for too long. Ilyin tightened her grasp around his wrist. It was a being that had long blond hair. It was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman. She didn’t know there was someone other than Aden who could wear something like that in the winter region. His clothes looked so thin that it didn’t look like it would do well against even the winter of the warm region.

“Was it… human?”

Out of everyone he knew, there was no one that could handle the snowstorm of Biflten’s April in such thin clothing. It wasn’t a matter of growing up in the winter region or warm region. There was no way a human wouldn’t freeze… unless he had Divine Power.

“It really looked like human.”

She thought it was human at first. Yester Tribe and Molly Tribe were clearly identifiable as monsters as they were covered in scales but the moment she met its eyes, her certainty of it being a human was gone.

“The eyes.”

Ilyin took out her hands from the comfy blanket again. She brushed it against Aden’s eyes. His beautiful dark blue eyes.

“The entire eyes were violet, a very deep violet.”

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