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I Pick Up A Bunch Of Attributes

Chapter 433 - 433 I, Shuang Xueming, Died A Worthy Death!
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433 I, Shuang Xueming, Died A Worthy Death!

This scene was incredibly terrifying.

Feng Xia’s eyes widened. For a moment, he was stunned speechless.

My sister Guan is quietly ruthless!

Almost immediately, this sentence appeared in his mind.


A dignified demon king had only said a few harsh words, but Wu Guan dealt with him clearly on the spot—you could see that only fragments were left.

How was this a fairy from beyond the heavens?

She was clearly a killer from beyond the heavens!

However, there was one thing that suited her identity as a fairy.

Even though the leopard king had been completely dismembered, there was no trace of blood on the body. Instead, it was covered by a layer of hazy moonlight all over the ground, like large pearls falling onto a jade plate, making it an exceptionally strange and beautiful display.

“You… you killed him just like that?”

After an unknown period of time, Feng Xia suddenly came back to his senses and blurted out in shock.

This move was too straightforward!

Feng Xia silently calculated in his heart and realized that he had not actually killed many enemies. After all, the light balls dropped by his attribute superpower were all just various fragments. He had to deal with things more sustainably if he wanted to obtain a better harvest.

As time passed, Feng Xia developed a habit.

He would beat people up in place of killing them. If once was not enough, he would beat them up twice, three times, or five, six, seven, eight times until he squeezed out the last drop… no, until he squeezed out the last attribute light ball out of them.

However, up until now, Feng Xia had never encountered such an opponent.

Basically, after being beaten up a few times, they would either kneel down and beg for mercy or have a mental breakdown and lose all will to fight.

The only exception was perhaps the son of King Han, Shuang Xueming.

As the saying went, the one who struck first would gain the upper hand, and the one who struck later would suffer.

Therefore, he chose to die on the spot before Feng Xia could even make a move, i.e. as long as I killed myself first, the enemy would not be able to kill me again!

This move was still unsolvable until now!

“It’s not killing.”

Wu Guan replied expressionlessly.

Then what was considered a kill?

Feng Xia could not help but complain in his heart. However, at this moment, he suddenly noticed Wu Guan raise her hand. Moonlight kept flowing into her palm and slowly condensed into a figure that was more than a foot long.

This figure looked a little familiar to Feng Xia.

“This is… the leopard king?”

“No, this body is too small!”

“No matter how I look at it, it’s just a tabby cat…”

Feng Xia shook his head speechlessly. Then, Wu Guan raised her hand and grabbed a faint shadow in the air, slapping it into the tabby cat’s body.

Immediately, the tabby cat’s body moved. At the same time, it let out a childish cry.

“Damn it! If you have the ability, don’t hide in the dark! Come out and fight us for 300 rounds… W-what?”

Immediately after, the former demon king was stunned. He suddenly lowered his head as if he had seen an illusion. He quickly raised his head again. “Impossible. Where’s my body? How did my body become like this?”

Everything had happened so quickly earlier that he was not aware of his own situation until now.

“This is your new body.”

Wu Guan said flatly, “Now, go and clean up.”

With that, she did not allow the leopard king to resist. She flung her hand and threw the leopard king, now with a new body, back into the starlight seal.

Feng Xia was stunned.

This person’s style of doing things was really unique… and decisive.

“Is this how it works in the world of the strong?” Feng Xia exclaimed.

The leopard king was also stunned.

He stared blankly at his shattered body that was scattered all over the ground like porcelain. Then, he looked at the Demon Imperial Tombs in the distance that was disintegrating and where fragments were constantly flying out. Then, he lowered his head and looked at his kitten-like body.

In the end, two tall figures approached. The terrifying pressure made the leopard king take a step back instinctively.

“Fellow practitioners…”

“Leopard king.”

After a moment of silence, the Lion King said in a deep voice, “You’re so small.”

“I’m so small… #¥!&%”

The leopard king almost exploded in anger on the spot. However, at this moment, the cold voice from before sounded in the ears of the three kings again. “Clean this place up. Don’t even let a fragment fall.”

“He’s your example.”

These two simple sentences immediately silenced the three demon kings.

After an unknown period of time, the leopard-turned-kitten carefully probed, “Fellow practitioners, regarding how to deal with this woman, we should think about it at length…”

The Lion King glanced at him and said in a deep voice, “Let’s clean up this place first.”

The leopard king: “… Wait, wait a minute!”

“You’re too small. Move aside a little. Don’t let me accidentally hit you.” Another voice came from behind the leopard king.


Before the leopard king could react, a claw had already slapped over and sent him flying out on the spot.

“So there’s such a thing?”

On the Moonlight Divine Tree, Feng Xia was dumbfounded.

Strictly speaking, he had done similar things before, such as turning Ying Chengpeng’s son, Ying Huayu, into Yinghua Yu after beating him to death…

However, at that time, he had just comprehended the Mysterious Art of Creation and there were many coincidences. Moreover, the entire process was rather complicated.

Even if he were to do it now, it would not be easy.

However, Wu Guan seemed to be doing all this in an easy and effortless manner!

“This is probably the world of the strong…”

Feng Xia could not help but sigh again.

At the same time, he was even more curious about the reason why Wu Guan had captured him. What was so important that she had to find him in such a hurry?


Could it be that Wu Guan had finally thought of Patriarch Chenhai?

“Oh right, what I said previously about my master…”

Feng Xia thought about Patriarch Chenhai again.

However, at this moment, Wu Guan raised her hand and grabbed at the void again. Another phantom was pulled out by her and fluttered in front of Feng Xia.

Feng Xia was stunned when he saw the huge worm and cried out, “Shuang Xueming?”

When Shuang Xueming first appeared, he was still in a daze. However, right after that, he also cried out involuntarily, “Who are you? Where is this place? Am I in hell…”

“Oh, I almost forgot you’ve never seen me like this.”

Feng Xia waved his hand and his figure quickly changed into the Azure Dragon incarnation, Xia Donghai.

“It’s you… Xia Donghai!”

Shuang Xueming first cried out in surprise, then he laughed out loudly. He sized Feng Xia up smugly.

“As expected, I knew that my father would definitely avenge me! To be able to see you in hell, I, Shuang Xueming, have died a worthy death…”