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Jaw-Dropping Son-in-Law

Jaw-Dropping Son-in-Law
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Jaw-Dropping Son-in-Law

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    Read Jaw-Dropping Son-in-Law by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereJaw-Dropping Son-in-Law by Joy . Genre: CEO The story follows Ye Fan, a man who was exiled from his family and forced to live on the streets with his mother. After ten years, his family wants him to return and take on his role as the heir to the family, but Ye Fan is bitter and resentful. He refuses and instead chooses to remain with his wife, Qiu Mu-Cheng, who is from a family that has fallen into disrepute due to a scandal. Ye Fan is treated poorly by both his family and themunity, but he remains steadfast in his love for Mu-Cheng. Despite her cold and authoritarian behavior, he remains devoted to her. The story ends with Ye Fan attending Mu-Cheng's cousin's engagement party. we see Qiu Mu-Hong's family arriving at the Qiu family house to celebrate her birthday. Ye Fan, who is a son-in-law of the Qiu family, is ordered around by his junior sister-in-law, Qiu Mu-Ying. Ye Fan silently takes on the role of mover and is scolded by Mu-Ying for not helping. Qiu Mu-Cheng, Ye Fan's wife, understands that Ye Fan is doing this to protect her dignity. However, the rest of the family looks down on Ye Fan for being penniless and powerless. Later, Qiu Mu-Hong's family arrives, and they are greeted warmly by the Qiu family. There are no seats available in the hall, so Wang Qiao-Yu, the host, tells Qiu Mu-Cheng and her family to give up their seats for the honored guests. Han Li, Ye Fan's mother-in-law,plains about the humiliation they have suffered. Qiu Mu-Cheng finally snaps and yells at her mother, saying that they are all worthless and that they can't keep living like this. Read Jaw-Dropping Son-in-Law by Joy