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Love at First Night (Frank and Judith)

Chapter 448
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Chapter 448

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. It was a call from Steve. She quickly picked up the phone and stabilized

her emotions before answering the call. ‘Steve!”

“Mom, what is going on with that news? The Gita Group’s stock would drop greatly. Now, Dad is angry in

the office. You must explain that hurriedly!”

Who did that?” Steve asked in a hurry.

Now the company was in chaos because of this! *I don’t know either I originally asked the secretary to

put the photos of Frank and Judith on the Internet to embarrass them. But I didn’t know why this

suddenly happened. Gina seemed to be trembling when she said this excitedly.

She didn’t know who was framing her in the dark

She had secretly framed Frank for so many years, but nothing wrong had ever happened. “Could it be

that Frank starts to fight back against me?

Well, he is indeed able to counterattack now!” Gina thought.

“Mom, why did you do this? Now, Dad is angry, and you haven’t returned to the company yet. Can’t you

just wait a little longer? I was taught a lesson by Frank a few days ago, but I endure it!” After saying this,

Steve hung up the phone in anger.

The phone in Gina’s hand slipped to the sofa.

With a gloomy face, she stared at the coffee table in front of her Her eyes were filled with hatred and

anger that she wanted to crush the coffee table as if it was Frank “Well, I can’t mess up myself. I must

find out that person!” Gina thought as she got up. Then she picked up the phone and handbag and

hurried downstairs.

Frank and Judith were eating in a restaurant at this time

The restaurant’s wall was made of bright and spacious glass, they could enjoy excellent scenes during

the meal!

Frank found this restaurant by searching on the phone, and then he brought Judith here. After the meal,

they started to go to Dreamland Cave.

He was very concerned about Judy. Suddenly, he saw the phone on the table vibrate. When he saw that

it was Gary, he frowned slightly. Why now?’ he thought

Judith lowered her head to eat. Seeing that Frank did not pick up the phone, she pointed at his phone

and said, “Frank, why don’t you pick up the phone? What if it’s a business of millions?” Judith smiled


Frank smiled and reluctantly picked up the phone to answer the call.

Today, Frank didn’t want to answer any calls. He just wanted to enjoy every moment with Judith!

“Hello7” Frank’s low and cold voice was filled with murderous intent

Gary heard Frank’s cold voice, his shoulders tightened a little instantly

*Speak Frank shouted coldly Gary finally regained his sense

He thought for a while and roared at Frank, ‘Frank, why are you so angry? Something happenedl Can’t

you take a look at the news on your phone?”

Frank frowned He felt unweit immediately Today was the most important for him

However, Frank instantly became gloomy due to Gary’s call.

“What is it?” Frank lowered his voice and asked. After Gary told Frank all, Frank’s brows furrowed. But

Frank did not say anything and hung up the phone. He looked at his phone and saw the photos of Gina

and a piece of news. He clicked the link and browsed through it, a hint of shock flashing through his deep


“What’s going on? How were these photos released?” Frank thought in confusion.

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