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Mr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey

Mr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey
225 Chapters
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Mr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey

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    Read Mr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey by Maisie Chasey. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey full chapter at .  CP: Seven Days Seven Nights by Maisie Chasey   Artist: Nicholas and Nancy Story. Genre: Romance The story revolves around Nicholas Sallow and Nancy Cohen, a couple approaching their second wedding anniversary. Nancy is eagerly planning to share the news of her pregnancy with Nicholas. However, when she attempts to reveal her pregnancy, Nicholas surprises her by presenting a divorce agreement. He explains that Madelline, someone special from his past, is returning, and he wants to end their marriage early. Shocked and hurt, Nancy struggles toprehend the sudden request for a divorce. Nicholas asks her to discuss the divorce with his grandfather, as he believes it will be more acceptableing from her. The narrative delves into Nancy's background, highlighting the contractual nature of their marriage and Nicholas' loveless feelings towards her. As Nancy contemplates the divorce, Nicholas notices her distress and insists on knowing what she was holding tightly in her hand. She dismisses it as trash, concealing the pregnancy test report. The chapter ends with Nicholas lifting Nancy in his arms, planning to have a doctor check on her, and questioning her about the man she claimed to have loved for years.... Read Mr. Sallow's Sinful Wife by Maisie Chasey .