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Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss
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Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

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    Summary Tan Rou only learned that she wasn’t the Tan family’s daughter when she was seventeen years old. She went from being a rich young lady living in the slums. The parents she adored belonged someone else, and this series of knockdowns was hard for a seventeen-year-old girl accept. She wailed like a child for the sake of proving this was all a lie. The vicious words she spouted had hurt her biological family but she didn’t notice.She thought the Tan family was her real family despite them seeing her as an eyesore, and was even naive enough want befriend the Tan family’s real daughter, Tan Jing. Alas, the latter drugged her drink and arrange for a thug rape her. Tan Jing even brought their classmates along catch them in the act so Tan Rou was now tainted for life. After being reborn, she looked down at the man she was stepping on. Tan Rou swore not be a useless wretch in this life or be bullied death.She would mp on those who wronged her and make it up her real family. They wouldn’t have had die tragically on the streets in the past life had it not been for her. Tan Rou turnedmpletely evil after crawling back out of Hell. Everyone claimed that the real young lady was educated and talented, while the fake young lady was arrogant and impetent. Tan Rou ffed upon hearing this. She held back her brother from trying stand up for her. “We have all the time in the world. Let’s just wait and see.” Just as everyone was waiting for Tan Rou make a fool of herself…Ap-class perfumer, ap scholar, a world champion… The fake young lady’s multiple identities kept getting exposed one after another, bumping her up number one on the trending search, shocking the world. Wait, where was the promised humiliation? You’re reading “Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss” on See all Hide

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