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My Flirtacious Husband

Chapter 308
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“I’m only going to apply ointment on you. Why do I need to lock the door?” Timothy said in a panicked

tone. “Armand, don’t play with me. Your wife is possessive about you. What if she misunderstands?”

Armand replied impatiently, “I told you to lock the door. Just do as I say and stop mumbling nonsense.”

After locking the bedroom door, Timothy returned to the bathroom and saw Armand had already come

out of the bathtub. He had a towel around his waist and was using another towel to dry his hair.

Timothy was stunned. “You are much more cunning than me. Why did you ask me to teach you how to

woo a lady? How dare you make fun of me!”

“I’ve only been able to walk normally a few days ago, but I can’t walk fast,” Armand explained frankly.

“However, my eyesight still hasn’t recovered. Everything still looks blurry to me.”

Timothy cleared his throat, and they left the bathroom.

Then, Timothy opened his medical kit and found an ointment for burns. He gave it to Armand to apply

to his legs.

“Although your vision is blurry, you can still see. If you let me help you, I will arrange a medical

appointment for you and ask the eye specialist to inform your wife of the actual condition of your

eyesight!” Timothy said.

Armand knew Genevieve only took care of him because he could not walk.

If she found out that he could walk, she would no longer take such meticulous care of him.

Thus, Armand glared at Timothy’s blurry figure before feeling around the ointment tube to open the cap

and apply the ointment to his legs.

Meanwhile, Timothy pulled a chair and sat down. He watched Armand applying the ointment and said,

“Luckily, your pants acted as a buffer against the boiling water and prevented your scalding wound from

blistering. Otherwise, you would be in trouble.”

“But…” Timothy looked confused. “Why did you pour boiling water onto your legs. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It hurts a lot.” Armand’s eyes glimmered as he said, “However, don’t you think Genevieve felt even

more severe pain when Marilyn poured boiling water on her legs?”

Timothy narrowed his eyes and soon remembered the incident. He seemed conflicted as he looked at


“We have been friends for many years. Honestly, I have never seen you being so good to a woman.

You seemed unaffected when you were with Marilyn. On the other hand, anything Genevieve does

would affect your emotions. You even did this to yourself to experience the same pain she did…”

Timothy said.

“After leaving the hospital that day, Cooper told me you are devious. He said you planned everything

that happened since you became unconscious.” Then, Timothy paused before asking, “Armand, is it

worth it to do so much for a woman?”

“If it was any other woman, I’m not sure. However, I am willing to make a bet for Genevieve’s sake,”

Armand replied solemnly. “Furthermore, I have nothing to lose.”

Initially, he only wished to keep Genevieve by his side. However, he grew greedier.

Now, he wanted her everything.

“Don’t you have money?” Timothy asked. “Even though you lost Faulkner Group, don’t you still have

Central Group? You are still the richest man in Jadeborough.”

Armand smirked and said, “Money is nothing but a pile of paper. There are many ways to obtain it.”

Timothy was stunned for a few seconds before replying with envy, “If you say this in public, people will

beat you up!”

Armand shrugged and suddenly remembered something. “How is Marilyn?”

“After Mrs. Wood’s funeral, Marilyn left Jadeborough and remained in Xedells.” Timothy took a deep

breath and continued, “The people Cooper sent were incredible. They approached Marilyn quietly and

caused her fetus to die in her womb. After Marilyn found out she lost her baby, she cried and caused a

commotion in the hospital.”

Armand sneered. “When Marilyn returned to Xedells, someone had switched all the people around her.

I even tempered with the doctor she hired from Marie Hospital. Thus, it is not surprising that Cooper

could easily do something to her pregnancy.”

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