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My Goalkeeping System

My Goalkeeping System
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My Goalkeeping System

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    Summary What is worse than being the worst team in the world?For Dave Richards that was a very easy but heartbreaking question answer, a goalkeeper who performed poorly between the sticks, he was still available as a first-choice goalkeeper because Unique FC didn't have any other goalkeeper.He was slow on his feet,uldn't jump properly and worst of all, he didn't know how hold the ball properly.The only way that Unique FC was able survive taking in a massive goal-fest sometimes was because of the extra effort they put in their defence.After a terrible match in which Dave wasn't able make any saves and also made a lot of mistakes, he was seriously lded by the managerial staff and almost received a beating from his angry teammates.He got home sad and also angry at all those whold him he looked like his grandfather and would therefore inherit his goalkeeping skills.He divered a hidden door below his room and when he got down there the only thing heuld see was a black box.He found the box be quite familiar and when he opened it the last thing he saw was a bright white light when the light was gone heuld see something in his field of vision.[ Weme Dave ][ You have activated the Goalkeeping system ]A female voice read out the messages.This is a ry about how an ordinary man who didn't know his place between the sticks went from nothing pro. You’re reading “My Goalkeeping System” on See all Hide