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My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft)

My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft)
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My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft)

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    Read My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft) by . Genre: Romance...My Substitute CEO Bride pdf free download. Nash Calcraft, a cultivator on Tili Mountain, receives a letter from his master instructing him to fulfill a marriage contract with the Lewis family's eldest daughter, arranged by his old friend Herman Lewis. As Nash descends the mountain, he encounters Skadi Zabel and Hera Lewis. Skadi reluctantly gives him a ride to Jonford, where Nash claims to be engaged to Hera, much to their disbelief. Their journey is interrupted by a group of black-clad men who disable Skadi and Hera. Nash pleads for mercy, and the attackers remain silent about their motives. The situation leaves Hera in despair, facing an uncertain fate. Nash Calcraft, a seemingly ordinary farmer, surprises the black-clad attackers with his extraordinary martial arts skills, swiftly defeating all of them. His high-level mastery astonishes the leader of the group. Nash then heals Skadi's injuries with his martial arts and medical skills. Hera Lewis, learning about Nash's capabilities, is intrigued and cautious. Nash, claiming to be a farmer, helps fix the flat tire and requests to be taken to 128 Dilvert Road, not realizing it's the Lewis family residence. Hera, driving the car, introduces herself as Hera Lewis, the second daughter of the Lewis family. Nash humorously acknowledges the twist of fate that brought him to his arranged relatives. The trio arrives at the Lewis Estate, where Hera is surprised to learn about an important guest and her grandfather's plans... Read My Substitute CEO Bride (Nash Calcraft) .

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