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New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!

New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!
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New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!

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    Summary “W-what are you doing?” Eli was shocked as she saw the handsome man, his upper body glistened in the morning light, drenched in sweat as he firmly held a massive axe.“Wife! Good morning! The wood is ready keep you warm for the winter ahead!” The man proudly pointedwards the massive mountain of firewood he just finished chopping.“Heavens! Did you chop every tree in the whole forest?!” Eli felt her head ache.“We are still in the middle of spring!”--She was a salary woman. For her, career was just the only way survive in this cruel world. Being a housewife was far from reality as bills kept haunting her bank aunt. When she suffered a plane crash in one of her business trips, she dejectedly lamented not experiencing the simple joys women used experience in her age.However, a young woman's soul came begging her, use her body in another world so that her unborn childuld live. In exchange forntinuing live, the task was give birth the young woman's child and be theolest mom evarrrrrr!---A transmigration ry.However, our protagonist Eli, has transmigrate i a pregnant woman's body.Facing the woes of a pregnant single mother, while surviving in a world where magic and evil exist, will she even successfully go through motherhood as a single parent?...or will she need have a hubby by her side after all? You’re reading “New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!” on See all Hide

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