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Pregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins

Pregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins
284 Chapters
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Pregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins

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    Read Pregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins by Eve Above Story. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free herePregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins By Jane Above Story full chapter at . Artist: Evelyn... Genre: Werewolf Two years ago, the protagonist, Evelyn, was an Alpha's sheltered daughter, recently married to her childhood friend, Joyce. She believed he would be a good husband, but shortly after their wedding, Joyce reveals his cruel streak, berating her for not satisfying him in bed. He insults her, locks her in a closet, and forces her to witness him with another woman, her own sister Emma. Evelyn's heartbreak turns into rage, awakening her own Alpha nature. She dons provocative lingerie intended for a later event, escapes from the closet, and seeks revenge. She enters an Alpha party, seduces Victor, heir to the Alpha throne, and hints at her Alpha heritage. They share a heated moment. Unbeknownst to her, this encounter with Victor would bring both a setback and a gift in the form of twins.... Read Pregnant With Alpha’s Genius Twins

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