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Prime Originator

Prime Originator
1106 Chapters
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Prime Originator

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    Summary In a world where strength reigns supreme and only the strong are revered,nflict and injuries aremmonplace. The Divine Medicine King was a saintly dor that saved the lives of many practitioners with his highly amplished art of healing, garnering the respect of all, and bming an existence not inferior the other Divine Kings. As the son of the Divine Medicine King, Leon enjoyed the protective halo of his father and had very smooth sailing in life. However, everything came crashing down when the news of a peerless treasure in possession of his father with secrets of the everlasting was leaked. Greed was ignited, and gratitude was repaid with malice. Helpless change the inevitable, both father and son lost their lives their own subordinates under the schemes of the Divine Kings. When everything seemed haveme an end, Leon was granted another chance, another life, and in another world foreign the Divine Realm. Will he throw away everything and walk the path of the avenger, killing his way back i the Divine Realm avenge his father? Or will he embrace his new life and forgoes the past? In the end, what lies at the end of the road of vengeance? When two seemingly separate yet intricately-linked worldsllide and calamity strikes, who will he save and who will he kill? This is a ry of revenge. No, this a ry of self-divery. From a useless young master a supreme being revered by all, Leon will unravel the mysteries of the world and bme the one true crer.You’re reading “Prime Originr” on See all Hide

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