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Primordial Vampire God System

Chapter 150 She Is Sharp.
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"Well, I need to make some more preparations now,

I guess I have to postpone my Cultivation Session."

Ithania sighed.


Just as Ithania was about to walk out of the room, Azriel called out.


Ithania turned.

"I will not turn anyone into complete vampires for the next two months," Azriel spoke.


Ithania nodded and walked away, however, just as she was about to leave the room, she paused and turned around.


She called.

"What is it?"

"The Queen of Vampires."


"Yes, her.

Was there any Vampire in history who had the same potential as her?"

Ithania questioned.

Hearing this strange question, Azriel frowned, however, seeing the serious look on Ithania's face, he decided to answer.

"I told you didn't I? You and Teacher both have the same potenti-"

"I am not talking about us, I am asking about anyone other than the two of us."

Ithania interrupted.

"Other than you two, no."

Azriel shook his head.

"So only Aeliana had the privilege to become your complete Blood relative," Ithania spoke.

"Yes, that is correct."

"However, now, you have turned both me and Lady Luminia into your blood relative."

"Ithania, what are you getting at?"

Azriel questioned as he narrowed his eyes.

"I am only asking,

You haven't done anything reckless, have you?"

Ithania questioned as her blue eyes looked right into Azriel's eyes as if trying to dig out the truth.

"I have not done anything reckless, Ithania.

At that time, I could not accept anyone other than Aeliana as my blood relative, now it's the same as well, I will not accept anyone other than you two."

Azriel looked into Ithania's eyes.

The two of them continued to look into each other's eyes for a while, then Ithania finally sighed.

"Alright then.

I am glad that you think like that.

You are someone irreplaceable in my life as well.

I will bring the books you asked for soon."

Saying that, Ithania walked out of the room.

The moment she left, a smile appeared on Azriel's face.

'She is sharp.'

He thought inwardly.

He never expected that Ithania would doubt him.

Did he do something reckless?

Of course he did.

He went against the Law of the World by turning her into his Blood Relative, he even had to sacrifice some of his Blood Essence as a consequence, which would later harm him in one way or other.

However, even if he did that, there is no way he would tell anything to Ithania.

He didn't regret his decision.

Neither does he want Ithania to have any sort of guilt in her heart.

That would affect her Cultivation speed.

Azriel laughed again.

He then sat cross-legged on his bed and closed his eyes.

The Mana in the air rushed towards him and he started cultivating.

On the other hand, Ithania, who had walked out of Azriel's room summoned Tassia.

"Lady Ithania."

Tassia greeted.

"Call all the Vampires."

Ithania ordered.

"As you command, Lady Ithania."

Saying that, Tassia turned away.

Ithania then walked into the library,

She already had a rough idea of what books she would give to Azriel, however, she still needs to verify whether she missed anything or not.

*Knock* *Knock*

30 minutes passed by and Ithania heard a knock.

She turned towards the door and saw Valerian standing at the door,

"Lady Ithania, all the Vampires are waiting for you."

Ithania nodded and stood up.

She waved her hands and the books on the table disappeared.

Then, she walked towards the Garden, there, she saw all the Vampires, some members of the Bloodhawk Family were there as well.

However, Bertramus, his wife, and his son weren't there.

The reason was obvious, even Ithania didn't have the authority to summon them, or most of the members of the Bloodhawk Family actually, the members there were only there because they wanted to pass time.

Of course, if it was Luminia the one summoning them, it was a different thing.

Ithania, of course, didn't care about anything, she directly stepped onto the Stage and started,

"What I am going to say from now on is only for the Vampires who support Lord Azriel with all their hearts. For those who do not wish to follow Lord Azriel,



None of the Vampires left.

Ithania narrowed her eyes as she continued,

"There is a chance that you lose your life in this mission and the top 100 Vampires will gain Lord Azriel's approval."

"Huh? Lord Azriel's approval?"

"Haaah!? His Approval? You want us to risk ur life and the rewards for doing so is Lord Azriel's approval? Do you think anyone would accept that? Are you treating us as fools?"

One of the Bloodhawk Vampires spoke with a teasing smile on his face.

Ithania glanced at the said Vampire and narrowed her eyes,

"I never said you have to participate in the said mission, I am giving you the chance already.

Those who do not wish to support Lord Azriel can leave.

Those who wish to support him, if you don't even have the guts to risk your life for a mission, then you are not needed as well.

Lord Azriel only needs elites.

Trash is not needed."

The Bloodhawk Vampire who went against Ithania turned silent.

He wanted to say a lot of things, however, the woman in front of him was Ithania, he knew the moment he said something out of the line, she would bring up how Azriel defeated his Young Master and would slander the Bloodhawk Name.

However, he couldn't stay silent either.

He then glanced at other vampires and seeing their doubtful faces, a cunning smile appeared on his face.

"Hmph! I am not stupid enough to risk my life for a mere Master Stage Cultivator that I just met. I am going."

Saying that, he walked away.

Others from the Bloodhawk followed him and seeing them leave, a few more vampires left.

Then, more and more vampires walked away.

Seeing this scene, Ithania smiled inwardly.

This was what she wanted.

She wanted to filter out the Vampires.

She glanced at the 1000 or so Vampires left and remembered all their faces.

No matter what, they will have a preference in the future.

A smile appeared on her face as she continued,

"I admire your courage, now let me announce the start of Mission Maniac,

An event where the Top 100 Vampires who earn the highest amount of Mission Points in the next 2 Months will receive unbelievable rewards.

I hope you all perform your best."