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Realizer of Death : The Reaper

Realizer of Death : The Reaper
279 Chapters
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Realizer of Death : The Reaper

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    Summary A world from another dimension suddenly appeared in the Milky Way galaxy andllided with the earth. A spatialllapse occurred, which allowed the monsters crossing over from the other side invade variousuntries, and the earth fell i great calamity.The military was powerless against the invasion because modern weapons didn't work against monsters from another world. Under the desperate situation, a god-like figure appeared and bewed blessings upon the humans awaken their power. From then on, the earth regained its hope, and these extraordinary people were called Realizers.Tenku Okuihara is a five-year-old boy who dreams of bming a Realizer protect the world and his family. But an incident changed his life goal from a hero a grim reaper. You’re reading “Realizer of Death : The Reaper” on See all Hide

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