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Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter 235.1 - The Empress is Under House Arrest, The Imperial Tutor’s Fu is Raided, Taizi is Panicked and Furious Part 1/3
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Chapter 235.1 The Empress is Under House Arrest, The Imperial Tutor’s Fu is Raided, Taizi is Panicked and Furious Part 1/3

But the Empress didn’t know that Darong Ka was imprisoned in Hundred Herb Garden. He ate three meals a day, so he couldn’t starve to death. Zi You had also given him a gu and poisoned him. He couldn’t do anything else, so he thought about shameless things all day long.

Darong Ka would sense it as soon as the Empress rubbed the Devil Ring. As soon as he sensed it, he would remember those beautiful things between him and the Empress. Then he would become passionate.

Once he became passionate, the Empress would be controlled by him. He was being suppressed by Zi You, so he only had this ability. That was why the Empress met him every night.

In reality, the Emperor couldn’t see Darong Ka, but the Empress felt as if Darong Ka was actually there. This was the Devil Ring’s power.

Darong Ka had his ability, so of course the Empress couldn’t get rid of her addiction to him. It was the same with Wang Yiping and Yueluo. They might be reluctant at first, but they would miss him once they did it once with him.

Thus, the Empress didn’t want to throw the Devil Ring away anymore. She treated it like a treasure and hid it in an incense burner. That was why it wasn’t found when the Emperor ordered people to search for it.

The ring would glow no matter where it was hidden, but it was afraid of incense ash. It would immediately lose its light when it touched incense ash.

Actually, it wasn’t afraid of incense ash. It was afraid of Buddha. The Buddha statues were all blessed. The Devil Ring was an evil item after all and the Buddha symbolized righteousness. This was the so-called evil couldn’t win against justice.

The Emperor basically didn’t come to Fengming Palace. The Empress was unbearably lonely. But Darong Ka gave the Empress so much pleasure. She was like an opium addict who couldn’t quit.

Xuanwu Emperor saw her desperately grab the ring and became suspicious of course. He took it from Shuiling and looked at it. He immediately remembered what Zi You said about the Devil Ring.

His heart, which had never calmed down, started to churn chaotically again. He slapped the Empress and scolded furiously, “Slut! And you’re still saying you don’t know Darong Ka? He gave you his most precious Devil Ring. Do you dare to say you have nothing to do with him? Slut! Slut! Slut...... Zhen is going to abolish you. Abolish you!”

The Empress saw how Xuanwu Emperor knew about the Devil Ring and knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore. So, she gritted her teeth and said, “You can’t abolish me. You swore a vicious oath in front of my dather that no matter what I did, you will never abolish me in your whole life!”

Xuanwu Emperor froze. She was right. He had actually forgotten about this. In the competition for the throne back then, he wanted to obtain the support of Imperial Tutor She, who was the Minister of Revenue back then. So, when he proposed to marry his Di daughter She Fengrong, he did swear a vicious oath. “Benwang will never let She Fengrong down and will never abolish her as the Empress. Betrayal of this oath will lead to heavenly punishment!”

He couldn’t suffer heavenly punishment, so he couldn’t break his oath. But he couldn’t just let this adulteress off!

Xuanwu Emperor kicked the Empress hard. She flew out, hit the wall, and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

However, it was like Xuanwu Emperor didn’t see that. He dragged Shuiling out of Fengming Palace and issued several decrees overnight. “First, the Empress is under house arrest in Fengming Palace and can’t take one step out of Fengming Palace. Second, the Empress is stripped of all power. Liu Guifei will be in charge of all the harem’s affairs. Third, Imperial Tutor She is demoted to a commoner and to be thrown into prison. Imperial Tutor’s fu will be raided. The whole She family will be thrown into prison. Those who are officials in the government will never work for the government again.”

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