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Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate

Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate
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Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate

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    Summary A man who nearly destroyed the world is reborn as the son of a wealthy family.Klaus Mors, a man who had reached the peak of ultimate power, was punished by God. His soul was banished a modern world. However, that world was also on the verge of destruction. Portals from other dimensions appeared, releasing monsters that ravaged cities and preyed on humans.Ofurse, Klaus had take action if he didn't want his new world be destroyed.[Fire element affinity: Extremely strong!][Water element affinity: Extremely strong!][Thunder element affinity: Extremely strong!][Earth element affinity: Extremely strong!][Battle power exceeds 1,000,000!][You got a sexy girlfriend!]While protecting his new life, Klaus hadmpete for power in his family, establish ampany,ntinue his bloodline, and create a guild that defended theuntry. You’re reading “Reincarnated as the Son ofnglomerate” on See all Hide