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Return of the Frozen Player-Novel

Chapter aw: Afterword
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Hi everyone,

How time flies! It’s been a long journey and I thank you all for sticking with us to the end. This would not have been possible without your support. To be honest, I sometimes cringe when I see my old translations, but I hope we were able to do the story justice. I was still fairly new to translating when I started working on it, so it has also been a wonderful learning experience.

I had to drop out near the end due to medical issues (how I wish I had Cell Regeneration) but it has been an honor to work with my team. Thank you Sangwoo for being such a great co-translator, thank you Penguin for helping us with your extensive wuxia knowledge, thank you Veela for catching all my mistakes, thank you Ristretto for helping us make it to the end, and most of all thank you to Yojj for being the best manager/person ever!

It feels strange knowing that there are no more chapters to translate and no more deadlines to meet…but I hope I’ll see you again in another series.



Hi fans of FPR,

It’s been an awesome long journey with you all. This was a long , but I enjoyed getting to translate it and read it with everyone through all the emotional ups and downs the heroes gave us.

Now that this is finished, it is sadly time for me to retire as well. Unfortunately, life is getting too busy for me to be able to fairly devote enough time to translate in the future. Instead, I will be taking a step back and will be joining everyone on the audience side!

That being said, it’s been great working with the team and getting to enjoy the with everyone.



Hello everyone!

I’m Ristretto and I helped to translate ⅓ of FPR near the end!

Although I joined the team a lot later and only spent a short amount of time translating this , I immediately got immersed in the story and really enjoyed my time working on this !

No wonder you guys are fans :)

I want to say thank you to Castor, Sangwoo, Veela, Yoji, and Penguin for being amazing and helping me throughout!

I’m glad I had the honor to hop on your journeys and hope to see you guys again in different series!

Goodbye until then :)



A message from our amazing editor Veela, who juggled three talented translators:

Hello guys, Veela here~

All things must come to an end, including good things. It was a fun time, and my time with Frozen Player has been nothing short of great.

I've encountered many readers with various opinions in the comments (yes I peek at the comments); some overjoyed, some annoyed, some thrilled, while some are just happy to see our cutie Frost Queen.

No matter who you are among the readers I've seen, I'll miss you guys a lot, and I really appreciate all the comments.

Yeah. It has really been a fun time.

My heart feels empty knowing that the journey has ended, but I feel happy that I could contribute, even though I'm lacking.

Of course, this journey would have been impossible without my amazing team; Castor, Sangwoo, Ristretto, and shout out to Yojj as well! I love you so much, Yojj! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

I'll make it up to you once I've gotten a better grip on myself. fingers crossed!

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of a drawn-out farewell, so I'll end it here or I'll cry and waste time when I'm supposed to be working XDDDD

So long!


I'll miss frozen


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