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Rise of the Unfavored Princess

Rise of the Unfavored Princess
183 Chapters
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Rise of the Unfavored Princess

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    Summary I had thought that my lifeuldn’t get worse when I walked in on my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend. But after a series of unfortunate events, I opened my eyes in a world that I had only read about in a web, the Erudian Empire, ruled under the domineering, bloody reign of Emperor Helio. The worst part? I’m not even the main character! Reborn as Winter Royberg de la Erudian, I am the pitiful side character who is divered be a royal bastard princess due a certain physical trait only the imperial bloodline possesses. But I know the end of Winter’s ry and the unwanted royal punching bag is framed as a witch and killed at age 16 on the guillotine due the scheming of the cruel empress. An aloof, murder happy father? Check. Psycho half-sister? Check. Meddlesome author who wants me follow the script? Double check! I don’t want die an early death again, so I’m determined not ever be divered as a royal again. But before I know it, I’m trapped in a palace of blood and opulence playing tricky games of power, games I have no clue how win. How will I survive adulthood in the imperial palace and get my happily ever after? And am I really the only person who fell i this world? You’re reading “Rise of the Unfavored Princess” on See all Hide

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