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Serve No One This Life

Chapter 189
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Chapter 189 Extorting 30 Bucks.

Angela fell silent for a moment.

She then glanced at Louis before lowering her head to observe the two strawberries in the basket. Without hesitation, she picked up two strawberries, took a quick bite, and left the basket for Louis.

Mumbling with a mouthful, she stated, “No more.” Louis held the now empty basket, shifted his gaze away, and fixed his eyes on Angela's face. He pressed his thin tips together. “I hope you have a stomachache.” With that, he returned the basket to Angela, his expression cold as he walked away.

Angela happily finished the remaining strawberries, casting an indifferent glance at Louis. How can a scion be so stingy? How shameless.

As she checked the time on her pager, she realized it was lunch break. She hurried off to the cafeteria, where her favorite baked potato and roasted beef were being served that day.

While passing through the outdoor garden, Angela spotted Britney not far away. Carrying a lunch box wrapped in cloth, Britney was briskly walking toward the inpatient department.

It seemed she had bumped into someone as she stood with her hands on her hips, displaying a sharp and sarcastic expression while loudly berating the individual.

“Is this how the city people act? No manners at all. Don’t you know how to respect the elders? How rude! “I'm over 50 years old. I'm not afraid of you. You bumped into me, and now you want to fight? You're truly unreasonable.

Everyone, come and witness this outrageous situation! He wants to hurt me!” The young man, taken aback by the situation, blushed and trembled as he pointed at Britney. “Y—You're the unreasonable one here!” Britney's outburst attracted the attention of onlookers, who stopped to observe and whispered amongst themselves.

With her gray hair and worn—out attire, Britney appeared to be a typical rural woman. Most of the accusations from the crowd were directed toward the young man.

Observing this, Britney smirked triumphantly, eyeing the man’s well-dressed appearance.

1/4 11:00 Chapter 189 Extorting 30 Bucks His high-quality clothing and polished leather shoes indicated his affluent background.

Suddenly. Britney had an idea. “Since you're a young man, | won't argue with you. Just smpensate me with 30 bucks, so | can seek inedical attention and purchase some medication. If it were someone else, you wouldn't get off so easily The young man was lett speechless. Despite being the one who was bumped into, the situation had now turned against him.

However, no one would believe him in this situation.

Feeling it was best to avoid further trouble, he decided to pay up. Just as he was about to retrieve the money, a clear voice interrupted from behind.

You're injured so badly that you need 30 bucks for medical expenses? Ma'am, let me accompany you for a check-up to assess any potential major issues. If it turns out to be severe, such as internal injuries or fractures, 30 bucks won't suffice. You need at least 300!" With her hands in her pockets, Angela elegantly made her way through the crowd, her eyes displaying indifference as she glanced at Britney.

Startled by Angela's sudden appearance, Britney found herself momentarily speechless, subconsciously licking her dry lips.

Why is that b*tch interfering? And she even cursed for me to be seriously injured? Touch wood! Glaring at her, Britney unkindly remarked, “This is none of your concern.” Upon seeing Angele in the white coat, the young man seemed to view her as a savior. “Doctor please conduct a swift examination to identify her injuries. If she’s truly hurt. I'll cover the medical expenses.” This old lady looks so energetic. She doesn't look like she’s hurt.

Angela feigned surprise, blinking her eyes. “This is a hospital, and as a medical student, how can | not help? I'll make a phone call right now and schedule a comprehensive examination for you. Come on. I'll take you there now.” With that, Angela took hold of Britney's arm and guided her toward the front office.

Britney gritted her teeth, shook off Angela's hand, and glared at her. This useless thing. Of course, I'm not hurt. She's always trying to ruin my business.

Britney grunted. “That's so troublesome. Forget it. I'm kind-hearted. | won't argue with you. I still need to hurry to bring food to my husband.” 2/4 11:00 Chapter 189 Extorting 30 Hucks Then she walked toward the inpatient department.

Seeing this, the crowd dispersed.

The young man gratefully thanked Angela. “Doctor, thank you so much” Angela lazily waved her hand. “It's nothing.” Then she continued walking toward the cafeteria. Halfway there, she suddenly stopped and turned around. “Come out.” A few seconds later, Britney emerged with the lunch box wrapped in cloth.

Angela had a cold expression. “I ruined your business, so you're now following me to compensate you for the 30 bucks?” Britney licked her lips, snorted, and said in a hoarse voice, “I heard you're quite popular in the hospital. You're the apprentice of that impressive doctor, right? | think the current doctor treating Mike is not good enough. Help me switch to someone else. | think your teacher is good.” At this, Angela couldn't help but laugh.

“What did you say?” Angela looked at Britney, raising her eyebrows. “My teacher charges a high fee. The money you have in your hands is far from Britney couldn't wait and asked. “But what?” but...”

“You've only heard of me. Haven't you heard of another person?” Angela pursed her lips npg Pho oERKESIRe ungest attending physician in our hospital, with a promising future. His mentor is also extraordinary. Dr. Flynn Wilson, who often appears in the news.

“The most important thing is that Joseph is Fanny's brother. Mike is her biological father, WoN'I634Bh treaphehbitetS biological father with more dedication?” Angela smiled, but there was a hint of sarcasm in her eyes. On the other hand, Britney, reminded by Angela, instantly brightened her eyes and patted. her thigh.

Yes, why didn’t | think of that? The Kins Family has a doctor. Why am | looking elsewhere? And since Fanny is the Kins Family's daughter, we're considered relatives. How could they charge money for treating relatives? 3/4 Chapter 189 Extorting 30 Bucks H This way, we can save money for treatment. It's really a win—win situation.

Britney was so happy that she almost jumped up. She 4} 0 a With i seyied it faise you in vain.

You're truly educated and smart.” Angela smiled faintly. Her eyes were cold as she said in a low voice, “Go now. It's lunchtime now. Dr. Kins has finished work.” She even kindly gave the address of Joseph's office, Britney thought Angela was right, so she immediately turned around and headed toward Joseph's office, ready to wait for him.

On the way, she tried calling Fanny, but for some reason, the call wouldn't go through. Is this number fake? She decided to go back to Angela later and ask for Fanny's phone number.