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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

Chapter 238: The Vampire Queen, White Blood… So Alluring
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By the tshe walked out of the dimensional rift, the pink-furred rabbit beside Prosperity had already transformed into a golden-haired beauty in her underwear.

Similar to her sisters, this 13th True Ancestor had a bewitching figure as well.

It was just that she was still a little underdeveloped at the moment…

Perhaps it was because she had spent most of her life in the seal, the Vampire Queen True Ancestor looked like a 16-year-old girl.

She had a dignified and elegant bearing and a slender figure. However, for sreason, she was extremely seductive and was born charming.

Her long golden hair that was wavy was like a newborn dawn, refracting a dreamy and beautiful luster.

She smiled at Prosperity, revealing two sharp canines.

She was the final True Ancestor of the vampires.

For these divinity beings who fed on humans, beauty was not only a remnant of the authority of the gods on them, but also a bait for them to hunt.

Once upon a time, when the vampires were still elegant nobles of Eternal Night, they relied on their beauty that imitated humans but far surpassed them to lure the opposite sex into their embrace obediently and offer up their defenseless necks.

It was a romance that belonged to vampires and Eternal Night.

But now, the era had changed completely.

Right now, not only did this last generation Vampire Queen no longer have any elegance, she was even embarrassingly working in front of the cafe in a leather costume. In fact, at the very moment, she was lamenting about sthings that were not beautiful or elegant at all.

To be honest, there were not many places that could allow this Vampire Queen, who was short of money, to work during the day.

Not every workplace could allow her to wear thick protective gear legally and walk under the sun like a mascot.

However, she did not want to let her customers hear such sighs.

Therefore, the Vampire Queen smiled warmly at Prosperity.

"Hello, my nis Tyrapotter. Tyrapotter "Bloody Aurora" Aethelred."

Prosperity nodded. "You're the Vampire Queen."

When Tyrapotter heard that, she smiled in embarrassment. "Vampire Queen? You don't have to addressso politely. I'm not a queen either. I'm just a leader chosen at the last minute when everyone was at their wits' end."

"This is my hand it might be a little messy. Please don't mind—come, a life is at stake. I'll treat him first."

Through the teleportation gate, Prosperity followed Tyrapotter to her house.

Unlike the extravagant Eternal Night Queens in history, the hof the Aurora Queen was only in an apartment in a remote area of Eternal Night.

Apart from being clean and tidy, there were no other advantages to this house.

Prosperity did not have to waste her breath. The enthusiastic Tyrapotter agreed to Rayne's request readily.

She laid Rayne on the bed and began to cast spells to treat his injuries.

For a big shot at the demigod level, it wouldn't be difficult to save a mortal as long as they were still breathing.

Now, since Rayne was still alive, there was not much of a problem.

Tyrapotter consoled Prosperity with a smile. "Although his injuries are very serious, he can still be saved. Don't worry, givea few minutes and I'll be able to heal him completely!"

Prosperity nodded and replied solemnly, "On behalf of my master, I thank you."

Tyrapotter smiled, expressing that it was nothing. Thereafter, she asked, "Speaking of which, I wonder if it's convenient forto ask—what's your relationship with this gentleman?"

Prosperity: "He's my master and the most important person to me."

Tyrapotter nodded thoughtfully. "Someone who can be served by you must have an extremely noble status, right? Therefore…"

As she healed, Tyrapotter asked Prosperity, "I'm guessing that this should be Prince Rayne of Haines, right?"

Prosperity: "Yes."

"Aren't you curious as to why I know Prince Rayne?"

Prosperity did not say anything.

Tyrapotter chuckled and said, "Actually, this is the first tI've seen Prince Rayne today. I don't know his face, but his blood is still easy to tell."

"After all, His Highness Rayne is known as the man with the purest divine blood in the entire mortal world! Seeing it today, it's indeed…"

Tyrapotter stared at Rayne. Out of her uncontrollable instinct, she could not help but… drool.

When Prosperity saw that, she hurried to Rayne's side warily.

Prosperity knew.Tʜe source of this ᴄontent ɪs N(o)vᴇl(F)ire.nᴇt

When Prosperity first patronized the cafe to look for someone, the two werewolves were not the ones who had the most appetite for her master.

Instead, it was…

Tyrapotter looked at the blood flowing out of Rayne's wound and could not help but gulp. At that moment, this beautiful Vampire Queen was staring at Rayne wildly without any manners.

Tyrapotter knew that it was impolite to expose one's appetite to humans.

However, she could not control herself.

Rayne was truly an exception that should not exist.

That was because Rayne's blood…


Smelled so good.

Vampires were very sensitive to the taste and quality of blood.

Similar to humans tasting delicacies, there were many things to pay attention to in the vampire's recipe regarding the process of collecting blood, its freshness and the quality of the blood itself.

There were sslight details that varied between each clan.

However, among the vampires, there was a type of blood that was publicly acknowledged as the most delicious delicacy.

Divine blood.

Of course, no vampire could obtain the blood of a true god. Therefore, the blood of mortals mixed with divine blood becsuprdelicacies in their eyes.

As for Rayne Haines, who was he?

He was Edaline's biological brother.

In terms of bloodline purity, this prince could practically be seen as a male demigod.

Furthermore, the most precious thing was that not only was Rayne's blood extremely delicious, he was also exceptionally beautiful and well packaged. He could be said to be the best of the best.

If her sisters and mother were still alive, they would probably go crazy for this peerless delicacy.

It was not only the red fruit that would be carefully controlled and picked continuously.

Even for the white fruit that symbolized debauchery and degeneracy, they might break their vows and taste it greedily until there was nothing left.

As for why Tyrapotter was so convinced of this, it was mainly because… she was a little tempted right now.

However, despite her cravings, she had to restrain her instinctive desire to hunt.

Tyrapotter was not like her sisters or mother.

She had long sworn that she would never treat humans as food.

No matter how delicious and tempting this human was or how her appetite was triggered to an unprecedented degree…

The queen of the wolf pack opened up a brand new era for Eternal Night. In this era, she and her clansmen had to learn to suppress their bestial natures as well.


Tyrapotter gulped again and could not help but ask weakly, "By the way… your master won't mind if I taste sblood that flows out of his wound, right?"

Prosperity replied indifferently, "Your request is not overboard, but I can't make a decision for Master. Please wait for him to wake up before asking for his opinion. As for me, as his loyal servant, I'll only do my best to protect his physical safety as well as his right to only reproduce when he wants to."

H-Huh? !

Tyrapotter turned pale from embarrassment. "Don't spout nonsense! I'm not thinking of doing anything else to your master! I'm merely feeling hungry for him in terms of my appetite! My appetite! !"

Prosperity said calmly, "Is that so? However, you were staring at Master's lower body for a long tand were still drooling."

Tyrapotter: "Erm, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough!"

Tyrapotter coughed awkwardly.

She wanted to say that the reason for that was also purely out of her appetite.

However, it felt like saying that would be equally... inappropriate.

She felt that there were sthings that she could not explain clearly.

Thankfully, now that the treatment was over, Tyrapotter could finally change the topic.

"In any case… It's done."

Tyrapotter stopped healing. At that moment, Rayne's injuries had completely healed.

"His injuries have already healed, but it might take stfor him to wake up. I don't have any food for humans at home. Wait a moment, I'll go buy sfood."

Tyrapotter was prepared to leave. Before she left, she felt that there were sthings that she should confess to Prosperity.

"Speaking of which…"

Tyrapotter smiled. "You seem to have been wary offrom the beginning. Are you afraid that I'm saving your master because I have ulterior motives towards him?"

Prosperity looked at Tyrapotter without saying anything.

Tyrapotter said truthfully, "Although a True Ancestor doesn't have a wide field of vision like a demigod, I still know about the huge commotion you caused in the north of the city.

I know that you're being hunted by that god in the sky. I also know the risks of helping you guys. However, when I brought you to my house, I had already made up my mind. I'll do my best to help you guys."

Tyrapotter smiled and said, "Of course. This has nothing to do with the fragrance of your master's blood. I've already abstained from blood for 300 years. I don't need you guys to repayat any price. However…"

Tyrapotter revealed a sincere smile. "I want to thank him. He deserves to be protected by us Eternal Night people because in the plague previously... he not only saved the wolf pack, but also the entire Eternal Night."

Rayne disobeyed everyone in the meeting and resolved the plague crisis for Eternal Night. Not only did the Wolf Queen have to thank Rayne, even the vampires who lived in the dark side of Eternal Night should thank him.

Rayne was the one who protected the foundation of Eternal Night for her.

He protected this country that would eventually allow the wolves, vampires and humans to bring in prosperity and happiness one day in the future.