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Sweet Physician Wife

Sweet Physician Wife
262 Chapters
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Sweet Physician Wife

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    Summary The Ning family finally found the sole granddaughter after she disappeared for ten years. Grandpa Ning was overjoyed! He embarked on the search for a grandson-in-law in River City. With a raise of her finger, Ning Dai pointed at the Mo family’s disfigured Snd Young Master, Mo Chen. Everyone thought she was crazy, but only Ning Dai knew that when she was kidnapped, Mo Chen risked everything he had—even with a broken leg and disfigured face rescue her from the devil’s lair after her elder brother died tragically. Ning Dai returned repay Mo Chen for saving her life, and also exact revenge on her uncles for her elder brother’s death. Everyone claimed that the Mo family fell from grace after Mo Chen’s injuries while Snd Young Master Mo Chen became paranoid and ruthlesso. No one dared get close him. However, Ning Dai insisted on clinging him. “Snd Brother, your medicine won’t taste bitterday because I’ll give you a kiss go with it.” Mo Chen was about losentrol of his emotions. “Scram. I don’t love you.” Ning Dai gave him a cheeky smile, “Two kisses, then.” Eventually, Mo Chen kissed Ning Dai’s forehead shakily, his resolve shattered i a thousand pieces. After seeing how profound Mo Chen’s love for her was, Ning Dai wasnvinced that he would once again stand up for her and stay by her side at thep of the world.You’re reading “Sweet Physician Wife” on See all Hide

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