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System vs Rebirth-Novel

System vs Rebirth-Novel
1009 Chapters
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System vs Rebirth-Novel

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    Summary After Stargaze Family executed his family, Noel Ardagan embarked on his journey, rering his family name with the help of a System.“What? How the heck did she get it before me? The systemld me that I'm the only one who knows about it!” Noel Ardagan cursed in anger, “Thatnniving murdering woman!”“At this point in time, only I should be aware about thismb. But how did he find out about it?” Anna Stargaze, even after her reincarnation,uldn’tmprehend Noel's actions.The clash between of a person holding a system and a reincarnr who knows everything in the future is about start. You’re reading “System vs Rebirth” on See all Hide

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