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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife
184 Chapters
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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

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    Read Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife by . Genre: Romance...Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife pdf free download. Artist: Elgin Ramirez and Letitia Sanders. Genres:    Romance In this story, Letitia Sanders is living a miserable life in AquaCity Psychiatric Institute, controlled by the powerful Ramirez family. Her father, Preston Sanders, was blamed for a medical mistake resulting in the death of Elgin Ramirez's father, Marcel. Letitia is mistreated by Elgin and thrown into the mental hospital, where she struggles to survive. One day, she is told someone is there to pick her up, but instead, she is kidnapped by an old man. In an attempt to escape, she encounters another man who promises to marry her. However, she realizes the potential danger to him and decides to return to the psychiatric institute to uncover the director's schemes. Elgin wakes up to find Letitia missing and vows to find her. Meanwhile, Letitia confronts the director about being pawned off to the old man. Elgin arrives at the institute, demanding to see Letitia. The director warns Letitia to keep quiet about her loss of virginity. When Elgin finally sees Letitia, he declares her free but hints at a new form of revenge, making her feel trapped once again. Letitia's escape leaves Elgin furious, and he learns of a message from her stating that she considers their debts settled after two years of atonement. Elgin, dealing with his own health issues, discovers his condition, asthenozoospermia, which affects his sperm motility. While it's treatable, Elgin suspects foul play and connects it to the various soups sent by Phedra, his stepmother. He realizes her intention to prevent him from fathering a child and securing the Ramirez family line. Meanwhile, Letitia, now aware of Elgin's health issue, has managed to escape Ivory Towers. Her departure shocks the household, and Elgin is infuriated by the ipetence of his staff. Letitia leaves a voice message for Elgin, declaring their debts settled and expressing her intention to disappear from his life. The story unfolds with tension and intrigue as Elgin grapples with his health and the repercussions of Letitia's escape. The dynamics between the characters intensify, setting the stage for further twists and turns in the plot... Read Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife .