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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo

The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo
187 Chapters
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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo

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    Read The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo by Yui Ismutomo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo full chapter at .. Genre: WereWolf The story revolves around Gwen Louve, an 18-year-old werewolf attending a gathering where she meets the Alpha King, who is supposed to be her fated mate. To Gwen's shock, he rejects her, claiming that the woman he is with is more worthy. Hurt and confused, Gwen spends the next five years building her life away from her hometown. She returns to her hometown as a doctor, still haunted by the rejection from her fated mate. Gwen is the only one in her family without a wolf, making her an outcast among werewolves. Despite societal judgment, she strives to prove herself and find happiness.. Gwen Louve, now a doctor, returns to her hometown for her graduation,pelled by her father. She chose to be a doctor to escape the pain of being rejected by her fated mate, the Alpha King, five years ago. Despite lacking a wolf, Gwen struggles with the memories of that night. Her friend Alice picks her up from the airport, and during their conversation, Gwen learns about an uing gathering of important Alphas to discuss the Alpha King's mates. Gwen discovers that the Alpha King, despite rejecting her, still doesn't have a fated mate after 500 years. As she returns home, Gwen encounters her brother Rick and prepares to face the Alpha King, who is expected at her father's house. Suddenly, Gwen hears a voice inside her mind and wonders if it could be her wolf... Read The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo .

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