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The Ancients World

The Ancients World
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The Ancients World

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    Summary The year is 2236 and the Deep Dive Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ancients World is the most advanced game of its type ever created. Now that DDVR technology has reached the stage ofmmercialnsumers everyone is addicted the games available. A person who spent 5 years in the game has been reincarnated in his younger self as a request from a world item the game provided. Not everything is known about Ancients World since he only spent 5 years playing, so things will change this time around.Many people don't really know what the game really provides till everyone with an internetnnection is playing. It is the only way survive in theming years because of how special the world is.Cera Adamo is a young man who is almost 20 and he is the one that found the world item that granted him one wish, something that saved his life in a last chance effort. He chose go back i the past so he can get everything he needs for his family, he doesn't want them be dirt poor like they once were and this is his way secure that it never happens again.You’re reading “The Ancients World” on See all Hide

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