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The Billionaire's Kept Woman

The Billionaire's Kept Woman
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The Billionaire's Kept Woman

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    Summary Warning!!! This ntain scenes that are not suitable for children. That includes on killing, suicide...rture... and R-21 scenesKeira Del Carlo sold her virginity in the auction save her mother and a billionaire bought her for more than 4 million dollars. Her life turned upside down when she signed the papers that the billionaire gave her that night after she gave up her innocence.Alessandro De Alegre was a vicious billionaire when itmes business. But behind that merciless attitude, there's a soft spot that only meant for her.He has been searching for his first love for a very long time until he found a lead that she's in an auction. Heok advantage of it have her back and made her sign the marriagentract while she's not herself. She didn’t even rgnize him, and that’s when he found out that her memories with him had been erased.All her time with him, he gave her everything including the Golden Age Entertainment that should belong her. She lives with him without knowing that she's married him the night heok her innocence and imprisoned her in his villa. She lives thinking that she’s the mistress.You’re reading “The Billionaire's Kept Woman” on See all Hide