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The Constellation Returned From Hell

The Constellation Returned From Hell

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    Summary Earth, the land that thenstellations were aiming for. Hunter Choi Yeonseung decided start special training p thenstellations that want monopolize Earth. His training location was the Abyss, a space where time flowed infinitely slowly. However, Choi Yeonseung was suddenly caught up in a magical rm and had face the harsh Abyss head-on. Choi Yeonseung went through unprecedented and infinite practical training throughout the Abyss and divered a clue be the first human bme anstellation. The hard-working hunter, Choi Yeonseung, was reborn safely as anstellation. Will he be able save Earth, which is destined fall prey thenstellations? The hard-working, overpowered martial artist, Choi Yeonseung! The path he walks on bme the first humannstellation!You’re reading “Thenstellation Returned From Hell” on See all Hide