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The Ultimate Support Character

Chapter 607 To Bond through an Adventure
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Chapter 607 To Bond through an Adventure

With the commotion of my mother almost calling the Door of Transcendence calming down, the room went back into a serene atmosphere.

However, not for long.

After half an hour of talking with my Companions about her own adventures inside the game, she excitedly stood up and invited my Companions to accompany her for an adventure.

Yep. She expressed her intention to bond with her daughters-in-law through a virtual adventure inside that simulated game world.

My father was speechless and I couldn't help but find it amusing.

Likewise, my Companions all gushed in excitement except a few like Reinys and Lunaria who were still too reserved in front of my mother

Nevertheless, all of them agreed to it.

The question is… how will they accomplish that?

Unsurprisingly, their eyes all turned to me.

Yeah. I gave in right away.

I wryly smiled and pulled out my phone to contact Polaris

With the connection I have with the old fossils, the sky is not even the limit for us.

In a short round trip through a Portal after informing Polaris of my request, I picked up the Full Immersion Chambers from the company's warehouse and the one with administration access included.

As the creator of the game even though they already polished it enough for release, configuring some parameters to conveniently send my Companions to my mother's coordinates in the game is easily done.

Naturally, I used dummies that will mimic mortal bodies for my Companions. I also restricted their abilities and UPL to the same level as my mother. That way, they can enjoy their adventure properly without my girls being overpowered or steamrolling the simulated world.

From the records, my mother is in the central continent filled with warring states and dungeons to explore.

Well, it's one of those worlds we visited in our past life but I altered some of it to make sure there'd be enough content for players and NPCs alike.

Many guilds and some nations have already set up their bases there so those players can also give them a bit of a challenge if they encounter them.

With my Companions who not only wanted to bond with my mother but were also itching to try the game that they kept seeing on TV and the internet, everyone became as excited as my mother.

Before jumping in, my mother acted like a leader, giving them their roles and asking them what they could do.

It's quite an interesting sight.

Of course, they also invited me to join them but since it's a virtual adventure with my mother, I refrained and simply told them to enjoy it with her.

With the time in the game accelerated, they'd finish a whole day of adventure in just six hours. Besides, it's still their daily limit.

Naturally, there are exceptions to be made for players to stay in the game longer than a day. For example, if they're in a long quest or military campaign.

Well, that's irrelevant for my mother and Companions so let's stop at that.

My father also chose not to join them. He's like me. He wanted my mother to enjoy it with the girls. Instead, he's going to watch over them as a spectator using the Full Immersion Chamber with the admin access.

Most likely, he's going to add more challenges if he sees them entering a not-so-interesting quest or challenge.

He's a mid Rank 4 Transcendent who, like the other old fossils, got their own adventure in a different world long before this modern era we're living in. He knows his stuff.

"Dad, let's spar before we leave again in a week."

As I assisted him in logging in to the virtual world, I slipped in that issue of challenge to him.

He grinned and nodded as sparks of thunder seemingly formed from his eyes and eyebrows, "Sure. I won't hold back even if you're my son."

"Great. I don't need to ask you for that. I've only heard of your exploits. I want to see if I can already hold a candle against all of you, old folks."

"You're being audacious, son. You're a former Divinity in your previous life but in this present, you're my flesh and blood. I'll have you learn that you cannot surpass me easily."

"Sure. Sure. Well then, look after mother and your daughters."

"Yeah. Do what you have to do."

With that as our last exchange, I closed the chamber and watched him settle down with the virtual device covering his eyes.

Before long, it activated along with the other chambers in the house.

I went to check on my Companions one by one before stepping back and sitting down.

He said do what I have to do.

Well, good timing.

I also have no intention just to rest. I still have things left to do.



"Hmm. This medallion…"

While sitting on the bed, I pulled the ancient-looking medallion Imbued Tool from my Necklace.

It's the same medallion that I used to seal Olive's Pathway attainment and memories.

Its main function is a seal but of course, it's not a one-time use Imbued Tool.

The sealed attainment and memories still have their uses. According to what my Adaptability gleaned from identifying its functions, this medallion was probably used as punishment before.

Sealing one's Pathway and memories is probably worse than the death penalty. It contained their hard work throughout the years. And for someone to just lose it all, it will be devastating if not for memories also becoming sealed.

In any case, returning the sealed properties to the owner is not impossible. There's a function for that.

But will I return it? Of course not.

I brought it out this time because of the other function for those sealed properties.

The attainment can be gifted to someone. However, there's a restriction that you cannot simply gift a Transcendent's attainment to a Mortal. Their bodies will break because of it. It can only be transferred to another Transcendent and it will be in the form of Source Energy and Pathway progress.

It will be efficient to give it to someone with the same or similar Transcendent Pathway. For example, since Olive is an Elemental World Transcendent incorporating Spirit properties, someone with the same attributes will benefit from it the most.

The only exception is me. Someone who doesn't need more enlightenment and is just hungry for more Source Energy.

And that's what I'm going to do. Before the main dish of Source Energy Core… I'll be absorbing Olive's lifetime attainment. And there's no reason to feel bad about it.

She's now Katrina. An Earthling who will be helping us in the near future. I'll make every attempt to change that purple thread connecting her to Yuko. I'll think about the crimson thread later.

As for the memories, it can be read or deleted. I decided to delve into her memories later and see if there was a piece of important information that could benefit us.

After setting up an Energy Screen, Energy Zone and any other auxiliary skill that would help me absorb what was sealed in the Ancient Token of Regret and the inherent Earth Energy without getting disturbed, I returned to our room to also not create an interference to the Full Immersion Chambers.